Thursday, April 6, 2017

The West Wing Democrats

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I simply am smiling at being proven right about the entire Trump Trans team as the intercidal warfare continues, and it exposes those ignorants  over at CONservative Treehouse who were smearing me what dolts they were in saying I was going too far in exposing Trumpefuror Ivanka and the Dummkopf.

There is a word now for Ivanka and Jared Kushner as they have their own American hating regime inside the Trump Administration, and it is called the West Wing Democrats, led by Dina Powell and Bank Cohn who fetch and leg up the Kushners.
Of course the Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton press are just loving this, as the infighting is now in open conflict in the media in Kushner the cucker is sucking up Joe Scarborough's dick slicks in speed texting that leftist.

“Jared Kushner, perhaps the one presidential aide who cannot be fired, is now in regular text message communications with Joe Scarborough,” Roger Stone, a former longtime political adviser to Trump, claimed on Alex Jones’s show. “Many of the anti-Steve Bannon stories that you see, the themes that you see on [MSNBC’s] Morning Joe, are being dictated by Kushner.

That is what is  at heart in this, in Pence, Priebus and Ryan sabotaged Donald Trump for their own reasons, and Katie Walsh working for Bush fam coordinated it all, and Bannon got the fallout from it, and screwed himself over in advocating an enemies list to make war on Republicans, which is exactly what Bush fam and the West Wing Democrats want, so their takeover will be complete.

“[Steve] recently vented to us about Jared being a ‘globalist’ and a ‘cuck’…He actually said ‘cuck,’ as in “cuckservative,’” the administration official told The Daily Beast.
“Cuckservative,” a portmanteau of “cuckold” and “conservative,” has become a favorite slur on the right, used like a sexually and racially charged version of “RINO,” a Republican In Name Only. “Globalist” is a term typically used by nationalist, pro-Trump right-wingers against political opponents; however, the term has also come under fire for at times carrying anti-Semitic tones. (Kushner is Jewish.)

As the Lame Cherry proved, Kushner is a cuck. He lets fags attack the wife, and then lets the wife get wet lips in public over that Ottawa  comrade in Trudeau. No wonder Kushner is over in Muslim lands, as that is what Ashkenaz always do is go shopping for Muslim comfort when the shiksa wife starts wearing your balls.

I should let this play out so you get sucked in and loose your minds again, like the ignorants who attacked this blog, but I will let you read the last chapter as Rebekah Mercer counsels Bannon for the long haul. Here is how this plays out..........

Americans are going to tire soon enough of Trumpenfuror Ivanka sticking her pussy into every person's face, tv dinner and life. Americans want the real First Lady who has the presence to lead without being desperate to over reaching. Melania Trump is a perfect First Lady and is born to it. She comes by it naturally, while Ivanka always is desperate, pushy and grabbing at power.

As for Dummkopf, there are Obama people being cut out of the balance by Kushner, as there is Moscow, Syria and host of others, along with the Ashkenaz mafia who want things their way as that is their Jerusalem, and the minute Kushner starts preening, they will pull the rug out.
When what Kushner is up to fails and is sabotaged, it will all put more egg on the face of Donald Trump. Then the outsiders will be brought back in who were exiled.........and perhaps for the first time Christians might be chosen by President Trump to implement his agenda in God's Way, and it will be a success.....or at least America will survive more than a charred remains.

The Kushners have "power" because the coup plotters against the President are using them to play the President in order to hijack the Trump presidency and eventually ruin the Trump presidency for 2020. The Kushners are direct leaking information to their liberal intimates and that is why CBS's Gayle King was parading around with her fat ass on Ivanka's door post. You are observing a coup by Donald Trump's daughter and son in law, the same manipulative and manipulated duo who ran off Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort and stood by as Katie Walsh wiped out the Christians for Bush fam.

It was the Kushners who got Mike Flynn fired, in working with Priebus, Bannon and Pence in their thinking to gain more which that McMaster who likes starting wars then implemented the Bush policy of liberals on the NSC in Ivanka's Dina Powell.
It was the Kushners who got Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, and that is what started the rift with Steve Bannon, and brought the Trump White House at war with each other, as the coup plotters cheer.

So when the Kushner's fail, it will be President Trump who will be blamed, and they will be allowed to skate in being fellow travelers.

I am telling you that if someone like Rand Paul can create success in the Senate and someone from the Freedom Caucus can pass the promises Donald Trump promised, and get the credit for it, the Republican party will primary Donald Trump and nominate the Republicans who fulfilled the promises as the GOP base is in no more mood for an Ivanka Neocon than they were for a Jeb Neocon, because Americans did not vote for Obama's 3rd term........and that is exactly what the Kushners are in the process of hijacking the presidency of Donald Trump.