Monday, April 3, 2017

Our Jew In Iraq


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This apparently needs to be said :

Muslims hate sodomites:

Example, the anal rape to death of Ambassador Chris Stevens with blunt objects.

Chris Stevens' Death & Benghazi -- Obama Administration ...

When Chris Stevens died, I wanted to know why, when, how. ... Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in charge of the compound at Benghazi and was Chris's boss.

Muslims hate Christians:

Example, the beheadings of Christians.

Christians are beheaded by ISIS -

ISIS operatives are seen executing two groups of prisoners, believed to be Ethiopian Christians, in Libya, according to a video released Sunday.

Muslims hate Westerners:

Example, the mass rape and murder of Europeans and Americans.

Terror attack kills scores in Nice, France, Hollande says ...

Story highlights "We cannot deny that it was a terror attack," French President says; A large truck plows through a Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France

Muslims hate Jews:


  1. The 1948 War
  2. The 1967 War
  3. The 1972 War
  4. The Beirut  War
  5. Intifada
  6. Munich slaughter of Jewish Olympians
  7. Raid on Entebbe

With those few examples, the question is what in the head up the ass policy of the Trumpa Administration has the President's Jewish son in law, exposed and parading around in Iraq?

 Seriously, this is what intelligence circles term a "prime target", to both strike and humiliate the United States in kidnapping or assassination.

This is a completely stick to the eye policy of Muslims, and it will inflame them to strike at America.

What was the common knowledge intelligence before 9 11 is the fact that New York City is the largest concentration of Jews in the world. It is why al Qaeda struck and continued to strike at New York City. It is now an even more enhanced target due to Kurschner base there and the President making this Jew, his point man in the Mideast.

This is a disastrous situation, because if anyone attempts anything on the son in law, this will trigger a mandated response by the President, to strike back with full force.
Politically, the domestic base will be incensed they are being put into another war situation for the President's lack of foresight in policy, and internationally this will be viewed as a goading of Muslims.

Ambassador Stevens proved that just because America passes anal laws, the rest of the world will reject them with a stick up the ass.

There are a half dozen gifted diplomats who could be representing Mr. Kushner in Muslim lands, as the United States does not need to generate a "problem" which should never have happened.

Once again Pat Buchanan would NEVER have allowed such an event to take place.