Monday, April 3, 2017

When a Muslim is a Ukrainian

Russian officials have released this image of a man they believe is responsible for today's massacre on the city's metro train

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Two attackers on the run as images emerge of first 'terror suspect' accused of planting a nail bomb which ripped through carriages on St Petersburg metro killing at least ten and injuring 50

Believe the fake news and fake intelligence, and post the Lame Cherry is wrong, but inquiry points to this is not Muslim or Chechen as is being fomented by the fake news, in order to get Putin to strike Muslims and cause problems in Syria.

Inquiry points to this was not ISIS, this was Ukrainian nationals. Inquiry states they sojourned down to the Caucasus and made their way to St. Pete for the attacks.

Use logic in you are Nazi's backed by John McCain and image Obama, against Donald Trump, in the Ukraine and you are losing to Russian nationalists in Ukraine, so you do some stage theater, like the fake ISIS beheadings found on the computer of John McCain's assistant which was hacked.......and dude puts on what appears to be bad Muslim attire, and poses for the camera.

Just like Susan Rice being "unmasked', you are being led around hard today in Russia and America.

Over a month of exclusives and a few nice people donated, out of tens of thousands of readers, who have been kept from being destroyed by their believing the fake news, as they keep posting they think I am wrong. It is what the flash read is of the matrix, and as I have 12 hours worth of work to do and only 5 remaining, I have to make this short...........and what are you rich people doing but sitting around in your luxury bitching about this blog not confirming your asstard thoughts.

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