Thursday, April 6, 2017

President Trump explain how you blow up Chemical Weapons?

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The Lame Cherry is about to prove something exclusively as only the Lame Cherry can. This is about President Donald Trump launching a salvo of cruise missiles at a Syrian air base where his intelligence says a sarin gas weapon was deployed, killing "children".
It should be noted the official Pentagon report on the US action states that Assad attacking "innocent" people with chemical weapons was unacceptable. Apparently it is US Pentagon policy that using chemical weapons on guilty people is acceptable.

To make this short, based on President Trump speak, we know that Syria launched a chemical weapon strike on that Syrian base. Ok now for the Lame Cherry question to make you blink when I ask, is it intelligent or asstard to launch cruise missiles AT A BASE WHICH HOUSES CHEMICAL WEAPONS WHICH TOMAHAWK MISSILES WOULD RUPTURE, NOT DESTROY AND SPREAD PLUMES AND CLOUDS OF TOXIC GASES ALL OVER SYRIA.............INCLUDING US FORCES THERE?

See there are only two ways to neutralize sarin gas:

There are two major ways to dispose of chemical weapons: incineration and neutralization. Incineration uses a tremendous amount of heat to turn the toxic chemical into mostly ash, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. Neutralization breaks the chemical agent down using water and a caustic compound, like sodium hyrdoxide. Both ways generate a waste product: incineration generates ash, and neutralization leaves a large amount of liquid waste that must be stored or further processed.

Cruise missiles to not produce enough heat and they certainly do not carry the proper chemical agents.

So ask yourself is it genius of President Trump to try and blow up nerve gas or is it asstard?

It is asstard.

For this little gem of a disaster, endangering  everyone in the region, the Lame Cherry calls for the immediate firing  of Sec. Mattis, Director McMasters, Dina Powell,  Ivanka Kushner, Jared Kushner, for thee most careless and ignorant policy as YOU CAN NOT BLOW UP NERVE TOXINS. All President Trump could have accomplished is contaminating the entire region, endangering thousands of children.

Now that you know the above, ask yourself if the Trump Administration initiated an appropriate response or a response which was absolutely  incompetent and should be investigated as to ascertain who did not know that nerve toxins can not be blown up, and if they knew that nerve  toxins were not there, then that is proof that President Assad did not launch this attack in the first place.

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