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The Nepotism Presidency

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The Trump White House has legal counsel which is going to drag President Donald Trump into federal court in order for the courts, and it will be the Supreme Court to rule on the nepotism laws which the President has engaged in violating.

This all hinges on slights of the law, in claiming the President has full authority to appoint "anyone" who he chooses, but disregards the banning of appointing family members, as the legal counsel views the law as an "agency" appointment.

The problem is the law states OR OVER WHICH HE EXERCISES JURISDICTION.

Section 3110 of title 5, also known as the anti
-nepotism statute, states that “
[a] public  official  may  not  appoint,  employ,  promote,  advance,  or  advocate  for 
appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement, in or to a civilian position
in  the  agency  in  which  he  is  serving  or  over  which  he  exercises  jurisdiction  or 
control any individual who is a relative of the public official.”
5 U.S.C. §
The  statute  expressly  identifies  the  President  as  one  of  the  “public  official[s]” 
subject   to   the   prohibition,   and   a   son-in-law   is   a   covered   “relative.”

The Trump counsel is ludicrous as creating a finding that only HE is listed in the law, and if the President claims he is a woman, that he is not covered by the law.

Every person knows exactly what this nepotism law means, and it means NO FAMILY MEMBER in any form. The President should understand that business and family is not the same as politics and family. One you get fired over and they do not speak to you and the other gets you in prison where you only get to talk through a lawyer.

The Lame Cherry has stated that it is one thing for Don jr. to have a security clearance outside the White House, where he could provide the President feedback on what Americans think, and be able to be privy to intelligence discussions without violating the law.
It is completely different to have Ivanka Trump being her father's eyes and ears, reporting back on the staff, because it impedes their work in always looking over their shoulder, and only Ivanka's pets will get the positive feedback.
The one person for White House spy is Roger Stone, as he is born to it, and would have as gifted of operatives reporting on all the White House gossip.

The President is in violation of federal law and there is not any doubt about this. The worst of this is, Ivanka and Jared Kushner are the weak links. That is proven in what this blog warned of, because who is appearing before Congressional investigating committees, but Mr. Kushner, which is a disaster in it makes the Trump family look like a crime family.
One can fire Katie Walsh, but one can not disown their son in law or daughter.

The President has created a disaster in those he has appointed and the direction which this Administration has taken.
People voted for Donald Trump for peace with Putin, and not tanks on the Russian border.
People voted for a quick victory over ISIS, not for Pentagon control of Donald Trump.
People voted for the repeal of Obmacare, not the Ryancare replacement.
People voted for Donald Trump for a Conservative Government, not Donald Trump threatening Conservatives.

People voted for Donald Trump to end the Clinton and Obama crimes, not to be made to make excuses for Trump crimes.

If Donald Trump wants the Trumpenfuror and the Dummkopf in charge, then let him disown them in court filings in Ivanka is not his child, then she can take over the White House and have little girls trample the abilities of little boys and sentence them to prisons, just as Obama was promoting transvestites over normal people and foreigners.
All law works both ways, and if someone is breaking it showing favor to one group, the next leader can break the law and promote his pet group.

These are the findings of Justice on previous attempts of Presidents to appoint relatives.

Section  3110  was  enacted  in  1967.
  In  a  1972  memorandum,  our  Office  concluded
that  the  statute  would  bar  the  President  from  appointing  a  relative  “to 
permanent  or  temporary  employment  as  a  member  of  the  White  House  staff.”
Memorandum  for  John  W.  Dean,  III,  Counsel  to  the  President,  from  Roger  C. 
Cramton,  Assistant  Attorney  General, 
Office  of  Legal  Counsel, 
Re:  Applicability  to  President  of  Restriction  on  Employment  of  Relatives
  at  1  (Nov.  14,  1972) 
(“Cramton  Memo”).
  The  Cramton  Memo  is  brief  but  unequivocal:  section  3110, 
we said, “seems clearly applicable to. . . positions  on  the  White  House  staff.”
at 2.
In  1977,  we  advised  that  section  3110  would  preclude  the  President  from 
appointing  the  First  Lady  to  serve  as  chair  of  the  President’s  Commission  on
Mental  Health  (“Mental  Health  Commission”),  whether  with  or  without  compensation.

In  1983,  we  were  asked  whether  the  President  could  appoint  a  relative  to  a 
Presidential  Advisory  Committee  on  Private  Sector  Initiatives  (“CPSI”).
SeeMemorandum  for  David  B.  Waller,  Senior  Associate  Counsel  to  the  President, 
from  Robert  B.  Shanks,  Deputy  Assistant  Attorney  General,  Office  of  Legal 
Re:  Appointment  of  Member  of  President’s  Family  to  Presidential 
Advisory  Committee  on  Private  Sector  Initiatives
  (Feb.  28,  1983).
  We  answered  that the President’s proposed appointment of a relative to the CPSI raised “virtually  the  same problems raised by Mrs. Carter’s proposed service on the President’s
Commission  on  Mental  Health.”

Ever person knows blessed well what it means that you can not appoint a family member. It is the same as every person knows what it means in PEACEFUL TRANSITION, means Obama can not be coup plotting and leaking intelligence information.

The law is the law and the spirit of it is not what you can get away with, but what it means to uphold it.

- Lame Cherry

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