Friday, April 7, 2017

President Trump Pisses on President Vladimir Putin for Profit

Donald Trump's stock portfolio - Business Insider

Here's what's in Donald Trump's stock portfolio . ... Whole Foods, Google, Philip Morris, Raytheon, Facebook, ... Donald Trump owns gold.

These are the stocks to own if Trump wins - The Globe and Mail

These are the stocks to own if Trump wins ... should load up on defence-industry stocks like Raytheon Co ... Trump has suggested that U.S. support for ...

 ............pisses for profit it seems.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was quite amusing in the neocon propaganda, at the CONservative Treehouse and other venues making excuses for President Trump engaged in Obama's 3rd term for his Trumpenfuror's Clinton Bush presidency, as they clung to propaganda that President Trump warned Russia before launching a salvo of missiles into Syria.

The problem is it was a  LIE, like the Syrians using chemical weapons in Syria, when they were winning.

Both Tillerson and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said the United States did not notify Moscow prior to the U.S. strikes, but adhered to the current arrangement in place with the Russians to keep open communication in place — called "deconfliction" — so that there were no accidental incidents between American and Russian military forces in Syra.

In the NBC report the 5th column was so excited that there were numbers of spelling mistakes as in the above, but the reality in this is a reality of what every American comprehends by the actions of President Trump, because you are going to be experiencing the fall out from this every day, to the beginning of World War IV, and then it will be until they are scorched earth dead.

 What do you think it says to President Putin to have missiles exploding around his people in Syria without President Trump warning them to safety?

What do you think it says  to President Putin for President Trump to launch this attack while President Xi of China is having a "friendly" dinner?

What it says is President Trump is not interested in peaceful interaction and cooperation, and isolating nuclear powered Russia.

What would be your response to President Trump?

Would you trust him ever again?

Would you think you are dealing with more Obama and Bush rampages?

Would you think that Syria, Ukraine and Iran are being formed again to be battle fronts against Russia, so that it will be Vladimir Putin being the next Khadaffi?

All that the Lame Cherry warned about is now coming to fruition, after I had been smeared about going to far by ignorant people who pretended to friend me, and now have been exposed as absolute fools.

Let's look at the ex-Goldman operators within the Trump White House:
Gary Cohn - recently Goldman's #2, is Trump's chief economic advisor - who was granted an unprecedented accelerated payout of $285 Million in order to go work at the White House.
  • Staunch Democrat
  • Huge globalist, led Goldman delegation to restructure Greek debt during financial crisis, helping them hide debt from EU overseers in Brussels.
  • Head of the National Economic Council as of January 20th, 2017
  • Brought in Drew Quinn - lead negotiator of TPP

Dina Habib Powell, another top Goldman alum and former president of the Goldman Sachs foundation:

Instead of draining the swamp, Goldman alums Cohn, Powell, and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin are the swamp...
The populist, nationalist agenda that Donald Trump was elected on is getting pushed out of the White house.

The fact that Powell is in (who was in the Bush administration), as a Security advisor, is deeply troubling. She's got Ben Rhodes' old job.
Goldman Sachs has taken over...
We voted for the working people who have been taken advantage of by companies like Goldman Sachs. You've been screwed by Goldman Sachs. Look up TARP. You didn't vote for Goldman Sachs.

We did not vote for Globalism.

 If one has observed the reaction from the base that voted for Donald Trump, they are not cheering this power launch by the President, but are part of the shattered trust base who are never going to believe Donald Trump ever again.

This is what happens when Christians are removed from the Trump counsel and from past experience, God never appreciates His Name slapped onto policies which He has no part of.

"We asked for God's wisdom as we face the challenge of our very troubled world. We pray for the lives of the wounded and for the souls of those who passed. And we hope as long as America stands for justice and peace and harmony will in the end prevail."

Mr. President, you should have asked God's Wisdom before this starting World War IV, as you never would have started it.

There is absolutely not any difference between Trump policy and Obama policy or Trump policy and Bush policy, as both think you can spend your way to prosperity, smash the American base, and bomb your way to peace.

How many bridges or homes could have been built for Americans in those tens of millions of dollars in your Tomahawk War, Mr. President.

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