Friday, April 7, 2017

Events Rolling Upon Events

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Every person has the responsibility to ask the Pontius Pilate question of Christ in, "What is Truth?", for in that Socrates method, are prejudices, biases and all the dirty intrigue of Jewish elders murdering an innocent man in Jesus the Christ to save their Roman appointed jobs, ever be discovered.

As President Trump is now being led around by fake intelligence, the military industrial complex, the cartel which sees Russia as a giant gold mine, and war as the only way to profit itself out of Obama 20 trillion dollar looting of America, as Trumpenfuror Ivanka and Dummkopf Jared rule from office space, the question is what is the Truth of the Trump Doctrine in Syria.



So around 70 dead Syrians, by whatever means is now a reason to strike President Assad. Not 500,000 dead by Obama and McCain, but 70. Yet in Chicago 4000 Blacks were slaughtered in the Obama years and are still being slaughtered, and no federal response comes from President Trump or Sec. Mattis to save American lives.

What is Truth?

If Truth is now a fact that people in some nation die or are harmed, and it provides legal carte blanche for any nation to violate another nation in bombing it and performing a coup against the President of that nation, there is the one size then fits all in, does China now have legal right to bomb the United States war making depots across America to safeguard Mexicans inside of America, because of what Donald and Ivanka Trump are moved by?

Are not Mexicans being imprisoned, hunted and shot by American security? What is the difference then between Assad and Trump? Does not Hillary Clinton have every right to petition the Chinese PLA to safeguard Mexicans, and  to install her as president as we all know that Hamrod had the popular vote?

What is Truth?

Does not the family of LaVoy Finicum deserve to be championed by nuclear armed Russia, along with the numbers of Bundy protesters now being imprisoned and  terrorized for wanting to protect their land? Does not President Putin have the Trump right to say that this is enough, and that President Putin is going to bomb American military bases to ground all of American air force abilities, and that Donald Trump simply has to go, because of the atrocities of what the American regime is inflicting on the people?

What is Truth?

America is now poised to act out in militant conflict with North Korea, because North Korea has nuclear weapons, fired off missiles, threatened other nations and sees fit to deal with the rest of the world as it desires. Are not those the same "rights" which the Washington DC government is engaged in every day? So why is it evil when Kim Jong Un threatens America when American threatens Kim Jong Un?

The last time chemical weapons appeared in Syria, it was Obama and McCain's ISIS.

MIT Report: Obama Used Bogus Intelligence to Push Syria War

... the implosion of the Obama administration's apparently bogus narrative on Syria follows a ... used chemical weapons in Syria. ... Chemical Attack in Syria .
Now the "arbitrator" of evidence against Syria is "rape and mass murder " Islamic Turkey at war with Syria illegally, after stealing billions in oil from Syria.

Syria "chemical weapon" attack proven by autopsies Turkey ...

U.N. holds emergency meeting on Syria after chemical weapons attack.
The very same Turkey in which Armenians charged with Turkey shipping chemical weapons to their terrorists in Syria, who just happened to be bombed in northwest Syria, where Turkey and America are trying to annex that region for it's own military purposes, as Syria tries to reclaim all of it's lands.

Syrian Kurds: Turkey Providing ‘Clear Transit Route’ for Sarin Gas Deliveries to ISIS

Let us be honest in this, that what this is all about is ousting President Assad as has been plotted for years, to be followed by making war in Iran, and then using those bases to make war to Balkanize Russia, and finally to break up China by the globalists, as this has nothing to do about caring about human life or chemical weapons.

No one  touches Robert Mugabe for genocide against Whites. No one  touches South Africa for genocide against Whites, because the cartel controls the wealth there to exploit. Only those nations who are not feeding money to the Queen of England or American syndicates like Saudi Arabia are allowed to chain their women to the bed posts, otherwise it is Mubarak in a cage or Khadaffi ass raped in the streets of Libya.

So what is Truth?

Do we want a world united in Trump Doctrine which gets to invade any nation, bomb it, station troops there and depose the leader? Because if that is the case then Mexico can petition Eurasia against Donald Trump and this is what awaits America in suffering the same nation rape by the powers that are currently dominant.

The Lame Cherry warned every one of you about Trumpenfuror Ivanka, and I of course was smeared on CONservative Treehouse by those who requested as friends. Now the Lame Cherry warning is come true, and when the time was to curb the Trumpenfuror the ignorant stood with Ivanka's war on little boys for little girls, and now America is embarking on World War IV............and if the President tries to back out now, how long do you think it will be, before another Pearl Harbor or 9 11 is manifested by the elite to get America into this Great Eurasian War which the Lame Cherry has worked to keep Russia and America out of for the survival of billions of people.

That is the Truth. Now answer WHAT IS TRUTH, because George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln were never involved in foreign intrigue, and now President Trump has America involved in another intrigue, and not one of his advisers are telling him of the consequences nor to not implicate America in this involvement.

Events rolling upon events.

Russia and the Syrian regime it backs have thus far blamed the Khan Sheikhoun deaths on a leak from a rebel chemical storehouse hit by an army jet. That strike was said to have take place later on Tuesday, however, at about noon local time.
Russia’s ambassador at the U.N. dismissed the U.S.-British-French resolution as “hasty.” On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it would be “premature” to accuse the Assad regime of using chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun.
Later on Thursday Dimtry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian presidency, said “any data that the American side or our colleagues in other countries could have cannot be based on objective materials or evidence.”

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