Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sean Spicer says Katie Walsh was on her Knees


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not have time to write about this, but do not miss that the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan were meeting the President. The Egyptian leader is someone the President absolutely adored, as his body language was absolutely opposite in meeting Obama or the Saudis.

The ducks are being lined up in a row for a major operation.

In the latest  John David Oates reversals. The most notable ones appear from Sean Spicer makes an interesting reversal about something triggering a nuclear response from President Assad.
The most interesting one though is the inside intrigue in the firing of Katie Walsh, in Spicer defines her she is the woman fired who was on her knees.
Walsh was either begging for her job on her knees of she was known to be giving blow jobs to her gentlemen and this is what was one of the major reasons she was fired by the President.

John Podesta in reversals is perverse.

Donald Trump

Obama climate change - Did I get an answer

Thank everyone - No worry

Announcement on jobs - smash smash smash we did sign it

Speaking to Fraternal Order of Police about Jeff Sessions - Force their lies, enemy.( Sessions to go after corruption.)

Washington does not want to hear : Damn Israel

Sean Spicer

Speaking at press conference - It may nuclear Assad

Tony Podesta lobbyied against sanctions against Russia - Sad abuse they can sell Hungary

Talking about Hillary Clinton - The wall make it in the summary

CIA smoke there is fire - Fire woman on her knees (Begging or Blow job Katie Walsh)

About General Flynn - Say they're off on business

General Flynn was a  volunteer - Need to masturbate

John Podesta

Someone leaked the emails - Force them off

Pretty tough hide - F*ck you God

Pizzagate - Horrific belief (talking about himself)

Serious investigation - Shake it's  sadness

Look at the publicity -  Silver silver blood (Judas silver and betrayal)

Russians hacking US elections - We survive their art, NASA they're dead (Does NASA know of an incoming meteor.)

Reporter to Sean Spicer

Question - They love you

HR McMaster (replaced Flynn)

Pressure on Iran - Look after the she wolf (look after great power)

Fighting terrorism - Reveal it

Consolidation of gains - Shear the loss

Sowing mass murder - They are normally fine

Building partners - You fascinated me

Army had been modernized - You mustn't seek the concept

Mike Pence

 Leader McConnell and Schumer - Show us together