Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Christians Defined As Enemies of the Internal State

 The Undertaker

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There is something taking place in the shadows that most of you are not aware of, but bits and pieces of it are filtering through to the extent that President Trump's poll numbers are tanking. I do not take a great deal of substance from polls, but when they drop double digits, it is a reality that the realization of the Trump Trans having performed religicide on Christians and politicide on Conservatives, has had a definition point in the Obamacare 2.0 defeat in the President attacked the the Freedom Caucus and then it doubled down to abandoning the base to rationed death, that alerted the base that they were being betrayed again.

It has been interesting to watch the workings of those who are paid to promote this attack on Americans. The CONservative Treehouse which has more trolls than followers, has been doubling down on message attacking Conservative Christians, and supporting the traitor Paul Ryan.
It must be remembered that Obamacare 2.0 was crafted in secret for the specific purpose of handing out entitlements to the Chamber of Commerce for the poor to pay insurance on 6 figure salaries, to expand coverage for invaders and to force a new insurance monopoly to benefit the oligarchs of Aspen Institute. That is why premiums were going to spike 45% over the next 3 years.

All of the follow the money, is important, not for Obamacare, but for the money flowing into the propaganda blitz, as we have watched this coup against America in Donald Trump, emerge from the #NeverTrumpers in the 100 Days, the Trump Trans, the Clinton Bush machinations, and how it has all lost momentum, and is now turning to the Propaganda Pacs in this intramural war for what will be the Trump Administration.

Seriously, one would "think" that since this intra group has kept out every Christian and every Conservative from the inner group, that a small group of Freedom Caucus would not matter, since Rep. Emmer of Minnesota correctly assessed this that is was MODERATES in the House who stopped Obamacare 2.0, but it is not these vulnerable Republicans in Clinton districts who are being targeted, instead it is those right wing leaders who are the focus to be removed, exactly as HW Bush and W Bush moved to wipe out this group as competitors to Jeb Bush 2016.

There are four major PACS operating in this propaganda pool. The "idea" which appears to be from DIA asset Steve Bannon is to unite this under a Goebbels Force of one direction and one thought, that thought being pulling down the political competitors, and that is Christians and Conservatives.

The main group who has been sitting on their asses collectively, after claiming they alone put Donald Trump into the White House, instead of the reality of the God in Heaven, is America First Policies.
This is where the data miners and not ready for prime time players were flushed to. The original PAC was to be funded by the Mercers, that would be Rebeka Mercer or as she is called here, Dame Edna, but she could not get this group to support the President, as she kept bucking heads with Jared Kushner's Alamo Data Miner, so Dame Edna struck out on her own with two other billionaires to promote their Trump Agenda.

Dame Edna

What is troubling in America First is this is where Katie Walsh was succored to after being fired by President Trump. Do you realize what kind of power people have in this leaking flat backer, gets hired by Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon defends her with the lie of how wonderful she is, when she should have fled with her fiance Mike Shields to London for being prosecuted by Jeff Sessions for betraying the President.
That is the reality in this, and reveals a great deal about America First, of what is operating out of there in the leftists who seek to complete the hijacking of Donald Trump while Kushner expected to spend Dame Edna's money to overthrow the Mercer purchase of the Presidency.

Most disappointing in this is Katrina Pierson has declared war on Republicans in Congress and in their homes, because they are not in Conservative Christians anything but an Enemy of the Internal State.

Pressure could also eventually come from America First Policies, which was launched by a group of former Trump advisers in January to serve as the leading pro-Trump advocacy group. The organization has not yet turned its attention to the 2018 midterm elections, said spokeswoman Katrina Pierson.

“There is plenty of time and opportunity for Republican lawmakers to keep their promises to their voters and support the president’s agenda to make America great again,” Pierson said. “Lawmakers will be held accountable at the appropriate time.”

The White House is offering many cues that it wants its allies to go after members of the House Freedom Caucus, whom Trump blames for derailing legislation that would have repealed parts of the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

On Saturday, White House social-media director Dan Scavino Jr. tweeted that Rep.?Justin Amash of Michigan, a member of the Freedom Caucus, is “a big liability.”

“#TrumpTrain, defeat him in primary,” Scavino wrote from his personal Twitter account.

Frankly, Justin Amash is a John McCain son of a bitch stooge as all he is, is a  tweet warrior, but this is about leaders like Rand Paul and Louis Gohmert who are threatened, and the base recognizes this and is ready to let the President experience the defeats he deserves in becoming Jeb Bush's surrogate in the White House.

The worst of this is, the deliberate lies coming from Bannon, Kushner and Priebus in the Trump defeats were due to there not being propaganda or slash ads aimed at Republicans to force them to vote for Obamacare 2.0 which was not what the President Promised.

Administration officials said they believe the absence of a coordinated external campaign contributed to the GOP’s failure to roll back President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law. That prompted White House deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh to leave her post last week to jump-start America First Policies, which has had a relatively low profile since its launch.

Do not overlook in this what Katie Walsh is and was. Her original job was promising billionaires that the GOP was for sale to them, away from the Koch Brothers. That is what Jeb Bush's Wall Streeters were employing Preibus, Shields and Walsh for. Katie Walsh should have been exiled to prosecution, but is protected and promoted, and now her 200 million dollar whore contacts are going to be funneled to America First with the full intent of terrorizing Republican Conservatives in Congress, funding "right wing" media to promote the trolls and to primary the 30 Conservatives and Christians who are left in the House, and replace them with Aspen Institute Paul Ryan traitors.

Katie Walsh did not go away. Katie Walsh is now the bag woman coordinating the funding against YOU and for Paul Ryan's oligarchs for Obama's 3rd Term.

To his credit, President Trump is not being hog tied by these internal coup plotters, in after being counseled to drop Obamacare which really disappointed and hurt the feelings, of the base. Mr. Trump has cut out the intrigue of Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Reince Priebus, and has moved to Sen. Rand Paul and his cabinet advocates to craft the necessary healthcare reforms and economic reforms.
The problem in this for President Trump is this cancer of America First is out there, is operational and IS SUCKING THE DONATIONS FROM THE GOP, which was the exact programme in 2016 intended for the defeat of Donald Trump.

Dame Edna has signaled she is finished with these Kushner Bannon trolls at America First and moved to her own Super Pac.
I do not want to leave the impression that Dame Edna is to be trusted as she has her own agenda which is her right. She bought Ted Cruz, for the Canadian Cuban he was, and for the fraud he is, all for the purpose of purchasing the White House.
She thought she bought the Trump Presidency in Bannon and Conway, but has been leverage out herself, as Bannon is more interested in throwing Trump into the volcano and feeding the world to his feast, as he tears down worlds and rebuilds them in political theory.

The wealthy Mercer family was expected to support America First Policies, along with other top Trump contributors. But after tensions about the direction and leadership of the group, Rebekah Mercer launched her own effort, Making America Great, according to multiple people familiar with the dynamic. She was joined by at least two other major donors: Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus and high-frequency trading mogul W.E. Bosarge, said a person familiar with their support.

There are several billionaires in competition for this "essence of President Trump" with their own visions. At this point, they are not anti Christian nor Conservative, but are interested in promoting the Trump persona in order to bring about the political objectives to favor their interests.
Again, I have no problem with this type of lobbying, as long as it benefits Americans, in jobs and security. The problem is this Obama Bush policies which this GOP leadership has been betraying Americans with for a generation where Americans are the enemy and have been criminalized in their homes, their speech and their Churches.

45Committee is such a group which has correctly been targeting democrats and not Republicans. Yes it is a bizarre thing from the Reagan era of not destroying Republicans, but this is what 45 is engaged in, in actually going after democrats instead of taking names and making enemies lists.
Never forget in the COB, Clinton Obama Bush group in how much they detest the Tea Party, and what the Tea Party did in wiping out key minders like Micky Cantor and the trouble they caused for liberals.

The 45Committee is putting $1?million into a new, nationally running pro-Gorsuch spot called “Qualified,” which has state-specific versions that target undecided Democratic senators such as Jon Tester of Montana. The advocacy organization and its affiliated super PAC, backed by casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts, poured $60?million into last year’s campaign and spent another $4?million since the election supporting Trump’s Cabinet picks.

Great American Alliance is another PAC doing it the Reagan Way in targeting democrats and not Republicans in key Reagan Blue States as in Florida.

Great America Alliance also is running ads aimed at putting pressure on Democrats, including a new spot that targets Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida. The group’s supporters include billionaire investor Julian Robertson, Minnesota media mogul Stan Hubbard, Texas banker Hank Seale and Jewelry Exchange chief executive William Doddridge, according to a person familiar with their contributions.

What I am warning each of you of, is Katie Walsh did not go away. She has powerful protectors in Bannon, Preibus and Kushner who went against President Trump's intentions as Walsh has been sent in, to double down on Christians and Conservatives for their elimination from voting for you, so that the American Genocide can be finished.

Everyone now is aware of the Deep State, but the Internal State is just as lethal for Christians and every person on the right needs to be aware of what is out there, operating and is coming for you.