Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Shattered: The Epitaph of the Clinton of Politics

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Liberals are still trying to figure out a fake news assessment why their criminal election theft did not steal 2016 for Hillary Clinton, and they are missing the point, in why Hillary Clinton was not running a campaign, was because she was promised she was going to be installed the presidency, just like Obama was twice in flipping 10 million votes which were to McCain and Romney.

There is no secret why Hillary Clinton lost, because Hillary Clinton was in the race. Seriously, Keith Ellison could have run on raping women and beheading Christians and he would have beat Donald Trump, because Hillary Clinton had no energy, and was mired in the rapes of Bill's past.

That faggot Mook was her Achilles Heel, because you can hire a fag to decorate your drapes, but they are too girl gene to run political campaigns. Clinton hired Mook to be like Ivanka marrying that cuck Jared Kushner so they could stay in charge.
Podesta was good as a CIA minder, but like Bill Clinton, what the hell can you to with Hillary Clinton playing the roll of sleepy, dopey and grumpy every day in no on wants to vote for that, as they got that at night with the dog or spouse they are with.

So it all comes down to Hillary Clinton and that cyclops Tim Kaine. I told Hamrod to put a girl or a taco on the ticket, but she didn't want something pretty or vulva to eclipse her stage, so all they had was ugly and scary on the democratic ticket.

When you need to be reminded that all the media, both political operations, all Wall Street and the establishment were for Hamrod, even with that 15% vote fraud, she still was dead weight and the entire problem, along with those god awful weepy women she was employing. I mean for tampon sake, you can't steal an election when all you have are lazy faggots and crazy women running things. If you recall the photos of the Millennial entourage around Hillary, they were all BORED. Seriously a political campaign is where you get drunk, fuck the pooch and have a frat party every night, and the Clinton young people were all bored. That spells disaster.

Now Hillary Clinton is falling back on misogyny in why she did not win. It is not hating women to hate Hillary Clinton. That is just common sense like not stepping in tar, because you know you won't be able to get rid of it.

In the end, Hillary Clinton was the corpse candidate. It was like all these people were wheeling her around and she was dead, and everyone at the rallies was pretending she was alive, when Bernie Sanders had more life...........and actually did win the primary as his votes were never counted in California. So when you steal as many states from Sanders as Hillary did, you are going to have a problem in the election when you have  the  Mercers in computer codex keeping a firewall up against the system of cheating.

For the sake of the Democratic Party, and that includes Conservative plant Chuck Schumer, I really hope that the tan guy and the black guy who run the DNC now get Hillary on stage and bitch slap her around verbally in telling the old lezbo to get the f*ck out of their party and they don't want any cracker ho's ruining things again.
That is the kind of jump start which needs to be done, or else there are going to be Hamrod indictments for 2018 to screw democrats over in Congress and more in 2020. Democrats did not need the ghost of Hillary Clinton in 2008 or 2016 and they certainly do not need the whining whimpering specter of her haunting 2018 and 2020. They need to quit trying to with fake news make sense why Hillary Clinton did not win, and simply state the facts why Hamrod could not steal the election because she was so toxic, because it is all about Hillary Clinton and always has been. She is like Katie Walsh in only being nice to people above her or with more money, and that is what is Hamrod, and nobody likes that.

Hillary Clinton was successful in shattering the democratic party which Al Gore began in 2000 and for that she deserves full credit. She did not have the balls to lynch a black Obama in blaming him for all the failures voters felt, and allowing Obama to blame her and take credit for success.

What emerges from Hillary's defeat is something the democrats  have not learned, as they keep putting white guy crooks on the tickets that America does not want and until that Clinton subterfuge is purged from the DNC, democrats will not build a coalition, but will have the same asylum of nasty snatch Ashley Judd.

And of course Shattered is not going to address the lezbo sex of Hamrod  and Huma, the pedophilia, the murder of Americans for Clinton cronies, nor the issues which Americans really want to know the inside story on in just how many gallons of blood transfusions did Hamrod cannonball the last months of the campaign.

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