Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mr. President's Buy AmeriCON Job


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry would like to commend another fine effort from President Donald Trump in the classic Clinton policy as mocked by Rush Limbaugh in SYMBOLISM WITHOUT SUBSTANCE.

Today the President wastes the day, but is away from Nuke the World McMaster and Mattis, but if some baby dies from John McCain terrorists, Ivanka surely will be there to text daddy to tomahawk the Syrians again, is in Wisconsin, Cheesehead Wisconsin, and visiting Snap On Tools.

"Buy American and Hire American” is more than just a slogan, it is the cornerstone of President Donald J. Trump’s vision for a government that, for the first time in decades, answers to the American workers who built this country.

  • 1:15PM CDT: President Trump arrives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 2:00PM CDT: President Trump tours Snap-On Tools
  • 2:20PM CDT: President Trump makes remarks at Snap-On Tools – Watch LIVE
  • 2:50PM CDT: President Trump signs the Buy American, Hire American Executive Order

For those who do not know what a Snap On Tool is, a Snap on is an American monopoly con job, in all the schools and most of the mechanic shops are involved in forcing students and industry to buy these tools which are 5 times more expensive than other tools.
Snap On is the Pentagon of tool fraud pricing.

For the record, my dad weighed around 350 pounds and used to bend pliers in his bare hands for fun. We never had Snap On Tools, but we did have an assortment of Thorsen and Craftsman tools. My own tools are Thorsen Allied and Craftsman and I do not know if some are foreign or domestic, but I do know that I violate all principles in using them in putting on extension pipes of 4 feet to gain leverage, like in twisting off 2 inch tractor bolts, and I have never broken one of  my wrenches yet.

Cheaper alternatives to Snap-On - The Garage Journal Board

Cheaper alternatives to Snap-On General Tool Discussion. The Garage Journal Board ... I love a bit of facom but its more expensive than snap on.

The worst thing Donald Trump could have done  is gone to Snap On as they price gouge, and what is "American Made" really in scope? Does it mean that foreign parts in our cars is American assembled, or does it mean that when our guns are built in American but owned by Belgiums, or does it mean our American oil in the President's new Kushner friends in the Chicoms, pumping Canadian oil in Chinese  steel pipes is American Made........just what is American made when it comes to the government now ordered to buy things at huge prices.

Does this mean the US military has to buy American owned, manufactured and made combat pistols or are the Italians and Germans going to ace out Americans again?

Does it mean that when the FBI is burning through a billion dollars in expensive ammo to train WHEN CHEAP AMMO WOULD SAVE MONEY, is that American Made in wasting money  or is that another cost over run in the government which is never going to be addressed is subsidizing an ammo company which has been gouging consumers for the past 8 Obama years and are going to be gouging Americans in this new American Made con job.

FBI Going Back to 9mm Ammunition - News - POLICE Magazine

FBI Going Back to 9mm Ammunition. ... Unfortunately in 30 years of federal service I saw plenty of expensive ... And nothing but lots of practice and ...

See no one is explaining the MADE IN  THE USA slogan as most Americans are poor, and have to budget for things like tools, and bread, because they would go bankrupt buying American, because  someone goes on Mar Largo weekends in NEVER addressing the problems of American Made are due to Wisconsin Paul  Ryan not pass health care, Mr. Trump abandoning it, Sec.  Munchkin not passing tax reform as the regime gleans record taxes and we are raped 4  times a year in tax collection, and we have no jobs because President Trump is not keeping his promises.

If you demand BUY AMERICAN, then take the mandates and penalties off of US Businesses who can not afford the regulations of health care to filing goddamn taxes four times a year in paperwork Mr. President. That is the problem Mr. President, as SEARS was destroyed by entitlements and Walmart China, and had to ship Craftsman manufacturing to China to try and stay afloat, but just sold it to Stanley Black and Decker.

Snap On Tools, the company that exploits women with TOOL PORN. At 5 times the price and an illegal monopoly, at least they can afford to exploit women...........oh  that's right, was not Ivanka Trump against this kind of thing as she threw little boys out of school and into the streets?
So this is what Ivanka Trump stands for or did you not clear this with your daughter, Mr. President.

See if you had Christians and Loyalists serving you Mr. President, instead of servicing their fetishes in the White House, you would have had a complete policy instead of more Clinton Symbolism without Substance.


Symbolism Over Substance Doesn't Work for Republican ...

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