Wednesday, April 12, 2017

So Donald Trump's Strategy Is Failure

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder sometimes in what has become the Trump Echo Chamber is the press now just let's Donald Trump say things which give Donald Trump full credit for the disaster which is become his regime.

In a second interview, with the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Trump referred to Bannon as “a guy who works for me” — and pointedly noted, as he did with the New York Post, that he was his own “strategist,” even though chief strategist is Bannon’s job title.

 So now we know that it was not Bannon's fault in failed legislation or other disasters like Jared Kushner getting Mike Flynn fired to Jeff Sessions recusing himself, but it was all part of a Donald Trump strategy to fail.
It does make sense why Bannon was caught chewing out Kushner who just stood there like a cuck and took that is what cucks do in they whine to Ivanka, who then speaks the poison words in daddy's ear that she will not love daddy anymore if daddy does not blindside the one person in the White House who was implementing Nationalist Policy which Americans voted for.

It is a wonderful White House though under the Kushner control, in the Washington Post exposed TWENTY ONE LEAKERS, as Donald Trump is surrounded by traitors........but then again this is Donald Trump strategy, so Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing in surrounding himself with enemies.
I half expect Mr. Trump to parachute into Pyongyang and surround himself with 3 million enemy as a new brilliant strategy, as wiping out the trust of his American voters is another brilliant strategy.

The man not long ago dubbed the “shadow president” — with singular influence over Trump’s agenda and the workings of the federal government — is struggling to keep his job with his portfolio reduced and his profile damaged, according to interviews Wednesday with 21 of Trump’s aides, confidants and allies.

So at least now we know, it was not Trump Trans in the least wiping out Christians and Loyalists. It was Donald Trump first and last. Donald Trump humiliated Christians and apparently he wanted Katie Walsh doing this.........but did not want her on her knees doing things......probably had something about Ivanka being concerned about the knees part, with all that embracing going on.

Trump also is increasingly embracing more mainstream policy positions championed by daughter Ivanka Trump, son-in-law Jared Kushner and their allies, including ascendant National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, instead of Bannon’s brand of combative nationalism.

So Donald Trump's strategy is a feminist Ivanka, a liberal son in law and a Jewish mafia leftist who practices nation know if you plugged in Val-erie Jarrett, liberal Joe Biden and the Obama fed looting America, you got the same strategy of the Obama regime for the past 8 years.

“The way this president makes decisions is he encourages different points of view from different people, and he curates those and comes up with his own positions,” Barrack said. “The lack of unanimity is just the way this president manages. He is in command and control.”

 I keep wondering without Christians to provide their point of view of America First, Peace and Prosperity, who is giving President Trump their point of view.........the Jews, the warmongers or the traitors?

Don't know anyone from Moscow to Peking who gets cucked by their own daughter in public repeatedly as a great political strategy.