Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Donald Trump's Forgotten Man

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sean Hannity purchased a painting called The Forgotten Man, and likes to along with President Trump, feature that as their anthem, but the world is witnessing how forgetful Donald Trump is of people who expected him to keep his word as in Vladimir Putin for peaceful cooperation with Russia, to Christians, to Loyalists, to the Alt Right, and even Steve Bannon, who all wanted to make America Great Again, but now have been cast aside as deplorables.

For all the condemnation of Vladimir Putin, there is in America, the responsibility of Donald Trump in the persecution of Obama Clinton political prisoners in the Bundy Group in Nevada. Apparently the atrocities carried out against these innocent people is of no consequence to the President or Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The following is a record of what has been taking place in Nevada, and it is a fact that it sounds like a court in Pyongyang, where if you hit LIKE on Facebook concerning these events, the federal prosecutors will be prosecuting you.

Here is a synopsis from Leesa Donner, on the American Thinker where Americans were not allowed to questions their accusers and the jury was not in the court room.

In toto, only two days were spent on the defense.  Out of that, the jury was permitted to be in the courtroom for fifteen minutes.  The prosecution, on the other hand, consumed over five weeks of courtroom time to make their case. 

  • The defense was allowed to call only three witnesses; others were denied the opportunity to testify.  The prosecution called over thirty and was given carte blanche to discuss any topic it deemed necessary.
  • Judge Navarro instructed defense witnesses that they were not allowed to show emotion on the stand.  They could not discuss their faith, their fear during the standoff, or anything else that "might tug the heartstrings of the jury."
  • Some federal agents for the prosecution testified under false names and were allowed to obfuscate information regarding informants they were handling at the time.
  • The defense was not allowed to cross-examine some of the prosecution's witnesses.

In this the greatest of crimes in these Obama, become Trump courts, is the US Constitution in Citizen's pockets.

Other spectators confirmed Lamb's account and more.  Many of those in the courtroom carried pocket-sized Constitutions; Judge Navarro subsequently ruled that the Constitution was not allowed in the courtroom unless it was turned face-down.  On April 10, a man named Neil Wampler was escorted out of the courtroom and his things collected by a U.S. marshal because he had a copy of the U.S. Constitution in his pocket that was visible to the judge.

All of this Donald Trump forgetting the people who trusted him to deliver them and stand up for them is on display, as he has more time for the Paul Ryan who betrayed him and only time for making war.

What about the forgotten Americans for whom nothing has changed, in being prosecuted for the crime of being Americans. The Obama gulag and the Trump liberty has the same steel bars and same injustice to Americans.
Yes, change Obama believed in is the same old tyranny Trump is still perpetuating.

President Trump should have ended this 100 days ago with a 100 million dollar check and apology to the LaVoy Finicum family, with full pardons for this entire Bundy group of Americans. It is too bad that Ivanka Trump does not have any compassion upon Americans she sees online to bring it to her father's attention.