Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spry Boys and not so Spry Girls


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Things do occur to me, even in satire that I do not mean to hurt people's feelings like the Viking, but in saying that I hope he can enjoy the humor and the scientific lesson.

See back in the day, Benjamin, who was a brother of Joseph, turned into one rancid ass perverted people, just like #NeverTrump voters.

The worst of it was they were into raping men, and a stranger among them, threw out his whorish concubine and the men of Benjamin raped her to death. Incensed, the man cut her into 12 pieces and sent her through all Israel.

Israel in the time of the Judges was moral yet, unlike America, and when a divided corpse showed up, they get outraged and made war on Benjamin and killed every one of the heathen bastards out of Israel, leaving just a few stragglers.

Not wanting to exterminate a tribe, they fetched a few hundred women for wives and turned them over to Benjamin, and then to seed in new blood, they told Benjamin to go down to the Dance of the Vineyards and whatever women the boys could catch, they would get to be wives.

Now examining this, you know that people are not that dense. You know how it went for Benjamin, in what got sent out to dance were the blear eyed, retards, fat girls and the spinster cripples who had the debt. So the boys of Benjamin all hot and bothered in the vines, sweating away, dreaming of the Bathsheba of their wet dreams, heard them dancing girls, got all wound up, and pounced on the first girls and there was screaming and a bunch of buffalo weighing girls not trying to get away too fast at all, and that is what the Benjamin Boys waddled or carried home.

I mean Nom de Deus, what if you had your parents and brothers getting you a girl, and you were expecting Cleopatra, and in walks a 500 pound beefer or something that spent the day licking the door post like the pet cow. You just got to see the humor in that, because the spry, smart and good looking girls were probably prancing around in some walled vineyard on the other side of the settlement.


"Pa we'll never be shed of Ezemerelda, as we owe money on the goat, she can't see, she ain't too bright, and people mistake her for the back of an ass.

Don't you worry none there Ma, as we'll put rocks in her shoes so she can't run, send her off to the Vine Dance, spin her around till she is dizzy and while it is still dark before the dawn and the spry Benjamin Boys will make a wife out of her.

You know Pa, you got that right there and I bet if we tie the goat to her, legally them folks can pay that off too.
That is what I was thinking there Ma."

The thing is, if you think about this, look at how gorgeous the Iceland People are. All handsome folks with intelligence and are of sound personality. It sort of means that in genetics even if you have do some natural culling of whore rapists, and then introduce some plumper and retards, that in a few generations, you end up with a goodly stock of human folk. It sort of gives one hope for California, if some natural selection took place, that the survivors would be hiding in the rocks, and then scurry on over to Nevada and pick up some of the not too spry girls there, hauling them back, and pretty soon you would have Ronald Reagan walking around again after a few breedings.

Obviously the survivors in Benjamin were not suffering from dirty dick disease. By this I mean, when the Israelites showed up to massacre them, it was the ones who were not hung over and fucked out from all night sodomy who ran for their lives, and it was the ones who did not have the legs to run who got the coup de grace. That is perfect Natural Selection and good genes come out in the end to form a very nice people.......you know Esther was a Benjamin girl, and she was a hottie. A lot to be said for the Benjamin Boy who was spry crossing it up with a retardo fat blind girl who was busy licking the bed post while the nuptials were going on, because that is where you get the gorgeous women and handsome men.

Well enough of this Bible study, that no preacher would ever engage in, because who wants to hear about things like that when you got a satan kisser in Mike Pence in the pew pretending he is not a Canaanite, and sending out his minders to ConTreeHut to smear this blog, as that is what liars and satan do.

Oh that was my Bible reading for today, and people always like my Bible readings and the things they can learn from them.

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