Tuesday, April 4, 2017

President Donald Trump's Dope Trade Review


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In 2016, America through the Republican primaries began hearing of a strange problem of heroin addiction on the American east coast. The locals were all up in arms over this epidemic, but not a word had reached Americans in the national media, and not one story appeared on this epidemic, no more than the record opium production which spiked in Afghanistan after Birther Hussein took over the Muslim wars.

What the Lame Cherry is going to undertake is providing you a base framework of this attack on America, as not one column or talking head has said anything about this since President Trump, Gov. Chris Christie and Attorney General Jeff Sessions met at the White House concerning this.

As the Lame Cherry explained, the Obama cartel began in the summer of 2008, a realignment in the distribution and control of the global narcotics trade. In basic form, the cocaine was shipped to Europe, via al Qaeda, as opium production spiked in Asia, with Afghanistan and Pakistan being the main distribution points, and most of the traffic flowing into the Balkans for Russia and Europe.
It is now evident that what took place in 2008, in the making available of home grown, high grade weed in America, and the shift of coke to Europe, that a more profitable or expensive narcotic was being transferred into America and with the Gun Runner arming of the cartels by Eric Holder and Barack Obama, heroin was the product drug.

Under the Merida Initiative, the US Congress has approved more than $1.4bn in drug war aid for Mexico, providing attack helicopters, weapons and training for police and judges.  
More than 55,000 people have died in drug related violence in Mexico since December 2006. Privately, residents and officials across Mexico's political spectrum often blame the lethal cocktail of US drug consumption and the flow of high-powered weapons smuggled south of the border for causing much of the carnage.

What used to be produced in cannabis in central Mexico converted to Mexicans growing poppy, for Mexican black tar and Columbia with the poppy replacing a segment of the coca crop.

This was a targeted addiction campaign. The Americans had become addicted to prescription Oxycontin  and the Latin gangs set up shop outside the methadone clinics. There actually was research into this, in locating communities which had the largest drug addicts in recovery and clinics, and this is how the "trade"  surged out from New York and Chicago.

This is how places like Vermont and New Hampshire began finding new spikes in drug use. Behind this also was marketing at 4 dollars a hit for heroin, compared to other more expensive coke, meth or roaches. It simply was a reality for users that meth rotted you alive, coke made you aggressive, and if you could get a super high from heroin, compared to a mellow high off smoking weed, the public would choose the better hit.

This is what the Obama benefactors created in the neo syndicate, of the super cartels, which fueled billions of dollars into finance from the super banks to Wall Street. Just as the crash of 2008 in Europe, saw the banks there kept afloat by the black market dope trade, this is the nasty secret in where the revenues came in not just 20 trillion dollar zero interest money to the Jeff Bezos conglomerates, but this is the money flow in the Obama voting states in how his benefactors made fortunes.

There is not any secret where poppy is produced in the top tiers, and that the "legal" production in Turkey and India dominates the "legal" market in heroin latex.
For those unfamiliar, the pretty poppy flower, has a bulb, which is scratched, and the poppy has white sap which bleeds to scab over the cut. The white sap is latex, is cured to brown, then rolled up like a booger, and collected for processing. This latex can keep for years.

The process of refinement begins in using acetic anhydride at laboratories and in various forms and strengths in the "cut" it appears on street, where it is consumed.

As I am not an insider, nor connected with the Trump Administration, I have no idea what their failed efforts targeting heroin will enlist. It is a matter that western Americans prefer meth manufactured on Obama Indian reservations and eastern American prefer coke. With base states utilizing the hybrid crosses of marijuana, which now exhibit like the poppy, their own white crystalline sap for hallucinogens or highs, the focus is on how to deal with stopping the opium market.

Demand is geographically skewed in the U.S. as the West prefers methamphetamine (red) and the east prefers cocaine (blue)
 Meth use in red - Coke use in blue

In today’s globalized world of rule-for-profit, one can’t discount the role that multinational corporations play in US foreign policy decisions either. Not only have oil companies and private military contractors made a killing off the occupation, big pharmaceutical companies, which collectively lobby over 250 million dollars annually to Congress, need opium latex to manufacture drugs for this pill happy nation. As far as the political elite funneling the tainted funds, the recent HSBC bank scandal exposed how trillions of dollars in black market sales are brazenly being laundered offshore.
Multinational corporations are in it for the long haul, despite how low public support is for the war. A little mentioned strategic pact has already been signed that will allow a US troop presence to remain in Afghanistan until 2024.

Honestly, you are not going to stop the drug cartel, or Ronald Reagan would have stopped them, because they produce too much revenue for the banksters and Wall Street. This drug traffick produces too much off book funding for intelligence agencies, military and law enforcement, so those shipments coming in on United States secure flights will not be ended.
No one is going to stop the money laundering as the elite are making a fortune off of it, and it is in the national security to keep conglomerates liquid on the dope trade.

There is no reason to end the dope trade, no more today than when Yankee Clippers were transferring black cannon balls sized opium balls into China.

In that, the Lame Cherry states again what was stated here in what must be done.

There are two keys to stopping opium traffick and that is the control of the chemical acetic anhydride, for production labs which can be accomplished in monopoly in requiring to the ounce records of this product.

The second is my favorite drug weapon in the world, Atrazine.

Atrazine - Wikipedia

Atrazine is an herbicide of the triazine class. Atrazine is used to prevent pre- and postemergence broadleaf weeds in crops such as maize (corn) and sugarcane and on ...

Atrazine is a multi season herbicide, meaning this herbicide kills everything but corn and sugar cane, and if you try to plant other crops on that ground the following year, it will look stunted, yellow and dwarf.

If President Trump is sincere about stopping the global drug trade, it could be accomplished in costs around 200 billion dollars. What the costs would entail would be fleets of planes to spray the poppy fields with atrazine, military cover for the aircraft, satellite printing as is established in America on every acre of land in the United States, so crop stress can be monitored, and is how the Chicago commodity traders know how to speculate and manipulate the American markets.

Most of the drugs that enter the U.S. come from Central and South America

The Drug Enforcement Agency, under proper direction with military coordination in the spraying, logistics and security, with the USDA's pinpointing of the opium fields, and this could be eradicated.
I would simply like to own Syngenta stocks before this program was initiated.

This is not impossible or difficult. The outlier effects would be doper withdrawal which I could care less about in their puking themselves to death, nor do I care about the effects of financial recession when billions of dollars of dope currency disappears from financial markets.
Some of this could be alleviated by allowing Sears to sell laudanum, which is what America used to market in wish books, which is only alcohol and opium, as it would be taxed and raise revenues.

I would suggest that President Trump though just forget his project as he does not have it in him to do what needs to be done, because the reality is either you eradicate the consumer, by dropping them all in the ocean to stop the sales, because hunting down every dope lord will never be accomplished.
The banks are never going to be audited and assets seized, so that leaves the only humane solution which the Lame Cherry formulated as a plan in poisoning the opium soil for two years, so that only corn, or FOOD could be grown on it.

Eradicating the plants is the weak point, and that can be accomplished.

The dope trade without plants will shift to meth again in US labs.

The Philippines has a proper program in killing all drug dealers and letting dope heads die. It ends the street market, and would be effective if outside producers embarked upon the same policy.

What will take place in America, is more billions will be wasted on 'humane' treatments, which in effect help fund the medical industry profits and the legal profession. It will be another failure of another American President, as the serious methods are never undertaken.

Until President Trump gets serious, and serious would be making war on the foreign farmers, including broadcasting radioactive waste on the farmlands to rot the farmers in the same way Americans are rotting in their veins, he is just another part of the problem as he will profit the criminals as prices rise on consumers and this will benefit all those friends that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner sip cocktails with.

You do realize that PLA funded communist bribe of 400 million dollars to the Kushner mafia is opium profits as China is one of the biggest state sponsors of opium production outside of Iran.

Top 10 Opium Producers (You will note that these were the featured Obama nations the Birther made policy with.)

10. China

9. Thailand

8. Pakistan.

7. India

6. Columbia

5. Laos

4. Turkey

3. Mexico

2. Burma

1. Afghanistan
Despite wars between cartels, most shipments make it through Mexico to the U.S. border

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