Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Neo Trump Regime


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The stories were all there from the beginning, but Americans trusted Donald Trump, and never dreamed he would ever break the patriot oath, that every American has in their heart, that just as George Washington would not abandon his bleeding troops at Valley Forge, just as Davy Crockett would never abandon Americans at the Alamo, just as George Custer would not abandon the 7th Cavalry, that Donald Trump would never choose anyone over the Americans which he gave his word to.

And yet, Politico was recording exactly who the Trump Trans traitors were in February. It was a simple group of Chamber Commerce Ryan, Big Koch Pence, and the Kushnerites of Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn who were the ones who wrote Obamacare 2.0 in order to be a massive entitlement to the rich in poor people paying the insurance for 6 figure salary rich employees of the Conglomerates, all under the cloak and dagger of secret meetings.

In a meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office about health care, for instance, Kushner was not concerned with granular policy details, according to an attendee. Instead, seated at a table alongside Vice President Mike Pence and White House advisers Gary Cohn and Rick Dearborn, Kushner’s main concern was the president’s overall bottom line: How can we say it’s a better plan? How are we going to say we lowered costs?
When it comes to the Middle East, according to people who have spoken to Kushner about the subject, his focus again is through the zoomed-out lens: How do we deliver peace and prosperity? How do countries fit together in the region? “He rarely comes with a preconceived opinion,” said Otaiba. “His overall framework is about defeating extremism.”

One is going to begin seeing a strange pattern in the ending of the Trump Presidency, as it always has in every meeting Jared Kushner lurking in the shadows, and out pops Ashkenaz mafia, Muslim mafia or the Chamber of Commerce mafia to subvert a Donald Trump promise.

If you missed the follow up to the betrayal of Obamacare 2.0, then it was Kushner in Henry Kissinger meetings with he United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt for "Mideast Peace".

In preparation for the visit, Kushner has spoken to Yousef Al Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates ambassador to the United States, as well as the king of Jordan, Abdullah II, and representatives from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He has also spoken with the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, an aide so close to the prime minister that he’s been dubbed “Bibi’s brain.”

Why the above is puzzling as all hell is Jared Kushner is a RADICAL JEW instigating displacing the Palestinians, and here is meeting with Muslims who are sworn enemies of Jews and to holocaust them.

Kushner, an Orthodox Jew from a tight-knit New Jersey family that has given money to support settlements in the West Bank and made political donations to many Israeli causes, will be at the table with Trump and Netanyahu on Wednesday for their first meeting in the White House, according to a senior administration official.

In all of this Jared Kushner master manipulations of Donald Trump, the patterns emerge in it is the Ashkenaz banking mafia represented by Cohn, mingling with Jews and Muslims, who hate each other. It does not matter if it secret Russian meetings to the Tomahawk bombing of Syria, the same group is always involved as these spheres of influence overlap.
Everytime Jared Kushner appears, something Donald Trump promised his voters, disappears whether it is healthcare or peace with Russia.

This is fascinating as Mike Pence was responsible for driving the Trump political agenda through Congress, and he failed miserably. But it is not Pence nor is it Kushner or Cohn who are blamed, but Priebus as being a BFF of Kushner or IVANKUCKED by Ivanka, lets you get a pass in he liberal press and the Trumpenfuror does not get you fired.

 "I don't think there's any question that the President's best lobbyist is going to be the vice president and our best advocate over in the White House will be the vice president," said Rep. Kevin Cramer, a North Dakota Republican and one of Trump's stalwart supporters during the campaign.

Some women though who spend too much time on their knees as Sean Spicer stated about Katie Walsh in reverse speech, do get fired. But not to worry, because her gentleman Jared Kushner, whisks her away to his special harem at America First Policies to continue making war on Americans in the Right.
Yes it does pay to swallow apparently with a smile.

Walsh’s departure to America First Policies, the principal pro-Trump political organization, was pitched by the White House as a shoring up of the flagging organization, which was absent from the health care fight. Kushner had hand-picked Brad Parscale, the campaign’s digital director, to lead that group, and some laid its failures at his feet. “That’s Jared’s group,” one top White House official said.

And even Dr. Death, again another Ashkenaz appeared at an Obamacare meeting where Kusher was lurking around, just before it all imploded. As we were told this was all Republican and as I start looking at the members, it appears that Trumpcare had as many dripping liberals as oligarch stooges.

Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects of Obamacare, has reportedly become an advisor to President Trump as the Republican Party brawls over repealing and replacing Obama’s signature health care law.

Emanuel was seen meeting with Trump in the Oval Office at the White House on Monday in a confab that reportedly lasted 40 minutes, the Washington Post reports.
Also attending the meeting with the President were Vice President Mike Pence, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, presidential adviser Jared Kushner, White House National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

This is when the Trump Presidency ended, in the Trump Transition. The Trump kinder made a great feigned response about all the upheaval, but the records show it was this group who were the ones proven now driving the upheaval in getting rid of a coup, ruining Donald Trump's agenda, turning the President against his supporters, and leading the President to a leftist agenda, which is exactly what Jared and Ivanka Kushner have promoted all of their lives.

Expect nothing from Donald Trump, but these token crumbs to sucker the Christians and the military people into thinking he really is advocating for them, as the results keep mounting that who Donald Trump is, is Jeb Bush, and Ivanka Trump is bringing about Obama's 3rd term as Hillary Clinton in the West Wing.

Here is a reality check of the Trump White House:

Jared Kushner hates you.
Ivanka  Kushner hates you.
Gary Cohn hates you.
Dina Powell hates you.
HR McMaster hates you.
Reince Priebus loathes you.
Stephen Miller is now a stooge of Jared Kushner
Mike Pence is in exile.

All of the above ended the Trump Presidency and moved him to turn on each of you, as much as Vladimir Putin, and for a pay off to promote the pariah state of China in a Faustian deal.
You have no idea the money which is changing hands between Muslims and Jews to drive the Neo Trump Regime.