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The Prince of Wails


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There is a recent book which is being published which reveals what a complete descendant of King George which Prince Charles is, in being a temperamental fool he is. The thing is this is a very British coup, as with Queen Liz about tits up, and Camila having her tits up for display as other cocks than Charles become her tampon, people in England who protect the monarchy like offing Diana, just want Charles to hand things over to the Loaf Head and Kate.

What mattered was a blurb in the article which captured my attention, because it dealt with the Obama 2008 crash, which was tested in Iceland, a struck down London, and then had to be struck twice at America out of France, in order to bring down Anglo American finance.

But do not worry about Prince Charles, because all of his investments were divested from the stock market crash which ruined everyone else.

Even the 2008 financial crisis failed to dent his fortunes: his shrewd advisers managed to pull his funds out of the stock market before the crash.

Now who would have the inside information to pass along to Charles, like American mega banks to gobble up American financial houses for pennies on the millions, but none other that RIT, the apparent financial house of the British Royals who knew the crash was coming, because they were behind it.

RIT Capital Partners plc, Rothschild Investment Trust, is a large British investment trust dedicated to investments in quoted securities and quoted special situations. Established in 1961, the company is a list on London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 250 Index. The Chairman is Lord Rothschild.

Yes Lord Rothschild himself, and he gets awards for many humanitarian things for the cloth of the land from Prince Charles, which should get him the Lord an award as he saved Charles from being fleeced again.

Lord Jacob Rothschild

Lord Rothschild honoured by Prince Charles for support of the arts

Head of RIT Capital Partners, which manages more than £2bn, was one of five people handed The Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philanthropy

One can see the incestuous relationship in the big British finance, in how they all were immune to the attack on Anglo American finance, and how they are all "obama green" to protect the earth.
Charles is quite adamant about things like methane from human excrement and other industries which are your tax payer money funded, or else they would not compete with carbon fuels.

The Prince of Wales' private estate and financier Jacob Rothschild are among a group of investors who plan to invest more than 65 million pounds ($103 million) in a clean technology start-up focused on producing energy from organic waste matter.The new company, Tamar Energy, will develop a network of over 40 anaerobic digestion plants to generate 100 megawatt of green electricity over the next five years, the consortium said on Wednesday.
The investor group is led by Rothschild's London-listed RIT Capital Partners and Fajr Capital, along with the Duchy of Cornwall, Lord Rothschild's Family Interests, and supermarket group J Sainsbury, among others.

Yes Charles is a real philanthropist, a big focus on global warming, as he gets the Saudi oil money in their investment houses to pay bribes to British investment.
It even spreads to America where Charles lectures the Americans about climate change and the eco system.

Charles uses a considerable portion of the Duchy income to cover the costs of his charitable and public work. In 2012 over £100 million was raised with the help from Charles for his charities. The Duchy income also provides for the costs of the public, private and charitable activities of The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.
Charles is a keen supporter of climate change and environmental issues.
During his recent visit to the United States, he noted the need for conservation was necessary in order to secure “ecosystem resilience”.
Charles has a great deal of money to donate and blackmail other investment firms to not invest in cheap carbon fuels exploration.
You did know that Charles has a billion dollar real estate Duchy which he gets paid tens of millions of dollars every year, as it covers something like 30 counties. Yes Prince Charles' play toy are the people of Cornwall which he enslaves while he lives like a king.

Prince Charles also draws income from the £900m Duchy of Cornwall and a spokesman told the Guardian: “The Duchy of Cornwall does not have any direct hydrocarbon investments. A review of collective investments is currently being undertaken.” Direct investments are understood to be stakes in specific fossil fuel companies, while collective investments are funds composed of a range of companies.
The divestment campaign also received a boost from seven UK-based charitable foundations, worth a collective £234m, which have decided to sell their fossil fuel investments on financial and ethical grounds and re-invest the money in green businesses. A statement from the group, which includes three trusts linked to the Sainsbury family, said pledges by governments to act on climate change and tumbling renewable energy costs meant fossil fuels were no longer sound investments.

The thing is the Queen and Charles got sort of a scam going on here, no not protecting their fortunes as everyone else is destroyed by Obama economic 9 11 attacks on America, London and Iceland, but the interesting one of the Queen backs nuclear energy, and takes in French nuclear waste, while promoting "green energy" so as to make economic war on the peoples who have gas, oil and coal as their assets making them free from Round Table Rule.

May 2009. Her Majesty the Queen held a state banquet at Windsor Castle for the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy.
The Queen had decided to grant her French collaborators, √Člectricit√© de France (EDF), permission to build two European Pressurized Reactors in England
- at an estimated cost of
£25 BILLION each
- starting with one at Hinkley Point on the Somerset coast. Part of this insane nuclear deal includes the Queen's permission to dump French nuclear waste in England.

If the Prince Of Charlie's hasn’t got both hands in the nuclear till, why did he spend so much time criticizing the cost of the Millennium Dome, £M950, yet never say a bloody word against Sizewell B, which cost the taxpayer £2.9 bn? 
£M650 of the £M950 cost of the Dome came from the National Lottery! 

With Rothschilds acting as her principle-nominee-bankers Queen Elizabeth II has become the wealthiest women in the world. In financial circles the Queen is known as the world's "ultimate insider trader.''
Not only is she advised by the world's richest financiers she also has full access to all British State Secrets, through the daily Red Boxes.

That is what Prince Charles is about, as he had to settle with Princess Di as Mummy wanted a divorce for her son. The fleecing Charles took was nothing but several million dollars, and as MI6 assassinated the Muslim pregnant Diana, the boys got the money back, so it was just like transferring the allowance to the things that go bump in the night.

Geoffrey Bignell, who handled Prince Charles's financial affairs for more than a decade until 1996, disclosed that the heir to the throne was forced to sell his entire investment portfolio to meet the demands of the Princess.
"Princess Diana took every penny he had," Mr Bignell told the Telegraph last week. "I was told to liquidate everything, all his investments, so that he could give her the cash. He was very unhappy about that. That's when I stopped being his personal financial adviser because he had no personal wealth left. She took him to the cleaners."

So that is basically the Prince of Wails. Somehow his money managers knew to get him out of the stock markets when no one else knew the crash was coming......got Mummy out too in her reported half a billion fortune, as Charles weasels off everyone vacations and jets, and then complains about it not being luxurious enough, as Camila boffs everything except the stable horses.

The Prince who has a 30 county estate, set up by one of those Edwards to make him a living, until he becomes king, but in the process enslaves the people of Cornwall, goes on economic warfare against the United States and other nations who produce carbon fuels tripling their cost of living, as Price Charles wails like he cares about the world, when all of this is about is the same royal rapine Cromwell threw off centuries ago as did Americans.

It is past time to investigate Prince Charles for his insider knowledge, his economic warfare in crimes against humanity and why in God's Name no one has ever named him an international criminal.

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