Monday, April 3, 2017

The Russian Belief in the American Mind

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On Thursday, at an Arctic forum for energy development, President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia had nothing to do with meddling in American elections and that what was taking place in the United States was internal politics of competing powers in conflict with each other.

In the same period, the Russian Foreign Minister stated that only God can judge image Obama for the genocide in Syria, and that the Obama regime never attempted to stop the ISIS oil convoys flowing into Turkey.

According to Russia's Foreign Minister, only God can judge Obama for his crimes against the people of Syria.
In an interview published by the National Interest yesterday, Sergei Lavrov insisted that the U.S.-led "anti-terrorism" coalition in Syria "never touched" Islamic State oil convoys, which helped to finance the spread of terrorism in the region.
Lavrov also dismissed the idea that al-Nusra has broken off into "moderate" subsidiaries, and said the terrorist organization "already twice changed its name, but it never changed its sponsors who continue to pump money and whatever is necessary for fighting into this structure".

There is a great schism in America 'socialized thought' by the "system" that governing structure whose entire existence is based in a power arrived from influencing the public to not dismantle it, and using the courts and media to imprison or smear those who attempt dismantle the system, is no longer believed and that in effect Russia is believed by Americans.

No one, but the Lame Cherry will point out the forensic psychology of all of this, Americans need to examine what they feel like, when it comes to their government.
Do they feel safe or insecure? Do they feel that the regime will reward them or that when the regime appears it is going to afflict them? Do they feel they are a friend of the state or an enemy. Do they conclude that there is anything in America to stand for or would they not care if everything fell down?

The fact is the cartel has so inflicted and abused Americans on the right and the left, that the majority having experienced what Washington and the police state afflict them with, that a President Putin an ocean away, who loves his people, who goes to war in protecting them, uses his strength to save Muslims in Syria and looks to peacefully live with America, resonates in Americans, compared to a Senator Warner, democrat, claiming Russia interfered with American elections.
Interference which benefited Americans in saving them from Hillary Clinton and more war with Russia.

Vladimir Putin, the American mind concludes, by evidence, has harmed not one American. The Americans though can feel the IRS, FBI, NSA constantly lurking to afflict on them.
So Americans who have been repeatedly lied to by their regimes, readily accept what Russia has stated, and rejects their regimes' charges and explanations, because Americans' lives have become rationed death.

Americans experiencing the lies of Paul Ryan and the intrigue of democrats over the repeal of Obamacare is further evidence to Americans, that Washington is the problem. It is compounded by the absolute failures of President Donald Trump attacking the Freedom Caucus and defending the antagonists of Americans.

What was an echo chamber of the #NeverTrumpers in Mark Levin in the election, is going to be a megaphone if President Trump does not stop acting out like the very people who have been attacking Americans for a generation.

The fact is, is that Americans are convinced now they are being lied to constantly by the regime state, so that it does not matter if President Vladimir Putin is lying or telling the Truth, because Mr. Putin is not harming Americans with his words and is in fact still doing what Donald Trump used to do, in striking out with words the very deep state that Americans are afraid of and know is a threat to each of them.

As stated the cartel wants a civil war in America, it wants distrust, and it wants this fractured state in order to exploit it for their control. All of this is deliberate, and it did not arise in Russia, it was created by traitors in America.

If the American elite could simply stand for Americans, not persecute them, not make them feel like sinners when promoting sodomites, stop the lies and stop the intimidation, there is nothing Moscow now or ever could say or do to influence Americans. That is not the programme though as all of this is being constructed deliberately.

America is a beaten dog, who knows the sound of the steps of its owner who doles out the beatings. It also recognizes the neighbor across the fence who affirms the dog is being beaten and it is wrong.
Even if that neighbor has nuclear missiles, is looking to take advantage of the dog's good will, the dog will choose Putin every time, because it is the RUSSIAN BELIEF IN THE AMERICAN MIND which matters.

Americans have decided who their problem is, and it is not Vladimir Putin.