Monday, April 3, 2017

It is time to fire FBI Director James Comey for Spying on Donald Trump

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As this story has not been featured on the main media feeds, it probably slipped by most readers interest, in the fact that Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa has sent a second letter to the FBI demanding information, as to why Director James Comey in October of 2016 was in negotiations and completed negotiations with MI6 spy, Christopher Steele, to pay him more money for additional Pissgate stories about Donald Trump.

This revelation about the FBI confirms what President Donald Trump and Judge Napolitano have source information on, and that is the Obama regime had the British wiretapping Donald Trump.
The information that Christopher Steele was pedaling to Bush fam, then Hillary Clinton, then to John Podesta and John McCain was by any review unverifiable. Steele telling the FBI  that his sources were hearsay points to the reality that James Comey had absolutely no intention of investigating either candidate, but that was entirely an operation of the deep state to discover information on both Clinton and Trump to blackmail them later, depending on who won.

Now Prime Minister Theresa May, can again fudge the facts in Steele has not worked for MI6 for years, but that does not mean that Steele was not directly feeding Theresa May at the Home Office of all of these details in the Pissgate fiction. It explains why after the election, when the Obama regime called May to spy on Donald Trump, that the British handed over the information, because they were already spying on Donald Trump.

We have before us now one of the many scandals of James Comey from his unrepentant dealing in the political murder of LaVoy Finicum where FBI agents commited felonies in firing on Mr. Finicum and covering it up, to the reality that James Comey knew the FBI had contracted with a foreign assest to INVESTIGATE the Republican Nominee for President.

That needs repeating in James Comey KNEW Donald Trump was the nominee. James Comey knew that Steele was investigating Donald Trump for the Clintons and Bush's.  James Comey knew that this was hiring a British foreign agent TO SPY ON AN AMERICAN WHO WAS THE POLITICAL OPPONENT TO HILLARY CLINTON and PAY THIS FOREIGN AGENT.

So much for James Comey stating that he was not about to become involved in the 2016 elections concerning Hillary Clinton to influence the elections, when we now know that he was hiring foreign spies to dig up more fake intelligence on Donald Trump.

It is past time for President Donald Trump to fire James Comey. It is time for the President to direct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to order the Homeland Security Director to fire James Comey and whatever else of the Obama refuse is still subverting the FBI, as this entire leadership is tainted and must go, and in turn be investigated by Internal Affairs.

For the sake of the FBI, Director Comey must be fired, along with his associates. Until a new Director can be nominated and confirmed by the US Senate, that former directors William Sessions and Louis Freeh be appointed in oversight to the agency to get this house of J. Edgar Hoover in order.

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