Friday, April 14, 2017

The Troubling Reversals on Donald Trump and His Cohorts

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Donald Trump reversals are no longer the positive of the campaign. The speaker now is speaking about manipulating Americans with fear for the President's political agenda and he is going to force the battle or the war that is coming.

In an interesting set of reversals Mattis and McCain are both speaking of lawyers, meaning what Trump is engaged in with these people, is not getting legal green lights on the strikes. In one reversal, McCain is talking about Donald Trump's statement on Syria and McCain calls Trump scum and McCain disagrees using the gas attack or fake gas attack.

Rex Tillerson on his smears on Syria and Russia, literally states that it is a lie which Tillerson is creating.

In the last prominent reversal, Susan Rice is calling for the assassination of President Assad.

Donald Trump

Authorize my military - Force the battle

China working hard - See they're slow

Get tax reform - Gotta mine the fear

Everyone wants to come into - Hear the past I want to share send in the sin

Not going to tell about the military - I'm not going to go in the public

Healthcare in negotiation - The bad to know it's Iraq

Companies bring money back to America - I see the buck in that

I didn't make the deadline - They said I will get this

Assad going to be overthrown - They make a show

Pray for the dead - Sad Mosul this a loss

Vital national security interest about chemical weapons - Seen that helps it hurt 

President Assad

Bombs killing civilians - It's a mob

Lot of eyewitness - We are favored

Sec of Defense Mattis

National security council actions to President -Won't shine on it lawyers

John McCain

I don't really react to Rand Paul - The law burn us

I got a call from Mattis and Kelly - The son of Saddam (another phony war against Assad)

Allot of presidents growing into job - Bleed a morning

Deeply moved by what he said,  the plight of the poor children - That scum using it I disagree (The scum is Trump)

I got off the phone with the President, deeply moved - We sign it, they need us.

As far as Iraq is concerned - I love you

A one strike on one airfield, hoping for more - Shy it will be seldom

Sean Spicer

Apologizes on Hitler comment -  Let's open up worse (Bomb Syria more)

Susan Rice

Information not 100% correct - The shame of it

Assad continuing to govern Syria - We need assassin now

Rex Tillerson

Perspectives in Syria - Iris and it shows it (spying)

Russia makes progress to reduce violence - They deal with us

Appropriate response on Syria - Allows your path to develop.

Chemical weapon's attack violates the law - Just remember the lie I'm writing