Saturday, April 15, 2017

1600 Kushner Avenue

 Yes I'm Ivanka's Smart Daddy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us just do away with rights, with the expectations of elections in voting for Donald Trump, and instead just meekly follow along the pavement no more of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in State's Rights, but rename it as it should in the kingdom that inhabits the earth, in the namesake of 1600 Kushner Avenue.

We no longer need Republican, Nationalist, Libertarian, Democrat, for we have intrigue instead of Bush family, Clinton family, and the hosts of coup plotters who have devoured the familiar line, in America has her own king and queen in Jared and Ivanka, with privy counsel of all the Cassius machinations in nation rapists denuding the cloth of the land, in the form of that great brain as Donald Trump has none, in Gary Cohn.

You may well remember the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter broke the story of that sidler Mike Pence joining hips at the Super Bowl with Bush man, James Baker, and immediately being ushered into the White House with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump seated there espousing the same idea that America needed an Obama Carbon Tax.

Yes the same scheme which is the biggest swindle since derivatives in it would cost America her economic life and become a 3rd world slave state, as trillions would be stolen from Americans and it would wipe out the Trump recovery forever.

Guess who is the genius rising in Kushner power to replace Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, forever ridding the Trump White House of any representation of voters, yes it is the same liberal democrat, Gary Cohn of New York value, who is bending President Trump's ear to implementing the cartel carbon tax to enslave America.

People who have met with Cohn in his new role said they weren’t aware of what his ideology was. He just seemed driven to forge agreements.
That philosophy has led Cohn to show enthusiasm for ideas such as a new tax on carbon — a Democrat-friendly idea which would raise revenue to ease tax reform, a top presidential priority, while also helping to curb carbon emissions. The idea is ridiculed by many conservatives on Capitol Hill, and the White House rapidly distanced itself last week after word leaked that senior officials were studying the concept.

Yes as the quote below reveals, the Kushner Avenue is a place now, where we have the like minded fellow travelers, the fifth column, the kusher commissars, ready to start world war with Russia, while bowing to the rapine of a Peking planet, all to get their filthy 30 pieces of silver and their pound of Shylock flesh from the American who can not pay the loan shark rates.

Let us though reward China whose air one can shovel, and whose debris covers America with radioactive coal cinder and toxins in jet stream winds killing Americans because Gary Cohn, Jared  Kushner, Barack Obama, George Bush and Hillary Clinton demand this rationed death to Americans, in case Kushnercare does not genocide Americans.

The growing strength of Cohn and like-minded moderates was on display this week as Trump reversed himself on several high-profile issues — including a less confrontational approach to China, an endorsement of government subsidies for exports and the current leadership of the Federal Reserve. The president’s new positions move him much closer to the views of Cohn and others on Wall Street, not to mention mainstream Republicans and Democrats.
It was the clearest sign yet that an alliance of moderates in the White House — including Cohn; senior adviser Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law; and another influential Goldman Sachs alumna, Dina Powell — is racking up successes in a battle over ideology and control with hardcore conservatives led by chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon

How very good it is to be King Jared and Queen Ivanka, when daddy is beheading his loyalists and Christians so the Trumpenfuror of Ivanka who has Ivankucked Donald Trump to usurp his power can rule unencumbered.

But wait, what light through yonder window breaks? Tis the luciferian intelligence of Gary Cohn illuminating the black hole of Trump thought, with not just taxing Americans to death, not just handing the world over to China, but Gary Cohn is now going to do more fixing for President Trump, and this time it is the nation's airlines.

One exception came last week, when — during a gathering of chief executives — he went into great detail about how the U.S. air-traffic-control system needed to be reworked.
He quickly moved through a technical discussion on why the United States should scrap its land-based radar system and adopt a global-positioning system, suggesting he had already devoted time to the topic. He said their approach would save 25 percent of the jet fuel consumed each year.
“We are going to cut flight times down fairly dramatically,” he told the executives. “We are going to cut the experience down. We are going to cut tarmac time down.”

Yes let us by all means yield as President Trump to the genius of Gary Cohn and save 25% in fuel consumption in switching to satellites in GPS, that way in solar storm, meteor debris or Russian hacking or Chicom satellite destroyers, America can save in a national emergency 100% in fuel savings, as all of the American jets will have crashed in losing GPS and if any survive none will be able to fly as America has no longer any ground radar, due to the genius of Gary Cohn.

Seriously Mr. President, this is the poltroon who bends your ear? What will he discover next? That the world is flat and we need no flight, but just to jump in the air and the earth's movement will travel us from New York to Los Angeles?

Nom de Deus, this is the Kushner fool that the Jared Jester has brought to court a knave whose lack of hair has left his brain unprotected from the onslaught of heat and cold.

The naked Trump is clothed in the fool of Kushner and the diadem of the knave.

Mr. President are you going to return to being serious with real advisers which you are void of or are we all going to be subject to this WWE ring show where the Undertaker appears to be the only one who knows what he is doing in running for Mayor.

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