Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Trump Bog

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After the remarks of the Trump children in Don, Eric, and Ivanka, that Trump supporters are  bad for the Trump brand, and they needed to make the old man liberal, so they could profit, this Trump White House is become nothing but undo influence and nepotism.

It is in this that President Trump has discovered a new way to manifest more distrust in his latest "fixer" in Michael Dubke has announced that the White House logs in who was visiting the West Wing Cabal are not going to be released to the public.

Dubke offers bogus excuses and makes a claim that so many other things have been done:

"By instituting historic restrictions on lobbying to close the revolving door, expanding and elevating ethics within the White House Counsel's office, and opening the White House press briefing room to media outlets that otherwise cannot gain access, the Trump administration has broken new ground in ensuring our government is both ethical and accessible to the American people," Dubke said.

But Americans are more interested in what Donald Trump is doing and with whom now as trust has been broken. Who are on  those logs? More Chicom bag men with 400 million dollar bribes for Jared Kushner or perhaps as was discovered in Trump Trans that Jared Kushner had a meeting with a Russian bankster who was on the government's no deal list.

Americans who put Donald Trump into office by God's Grace deserve to know who the West Wing Cabal is plotting with against them. 

The District of Columbia was a swamp that was drained, and it became a corrupt political swamp again, and unfortunately a large bog has appeared at 1600 Kushner Avenue. If people do not want their names on a list, then stay the hell out of the White House, and if it is a secret meeting, then that is what the CIA and FBI have buildings for. There needs to be checks and balances in it hard for the West Wing to bring in a hooker for a nooner or to ward off the temptation of making a Wall Street deal in some quid pro quo.

As Michael Dubke wants this list hidden, I then want it posted online as the Obama regime was forced to record and reveal all who enter the White House.

As President Trump is hiring only fingers to stick in the few holes trying to drain the swamp, it is time that the Trump Bog gets drained. This is more horrid counsel from the Trump advisors and one more bad leadership decision from Donald Trump.

I will repeat that none of this crap would have happened if Pat Buchanan had this run by him and was troubleshooting.

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