Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Donnie Do List

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was just reading of the Berkley riots and my one thought was, "Don't these people have something to do?".

It is sort of the weekend of Jesus having no greater love for mankind than laying down His Life, in complete obedience to the Heavenly Father to save all those who acknowledge Him as Lord and repent of their rebellion against God.

In reading the article, I came across the name of Lauren Southern, and I thought, "Ok who is this..." So I looked her up and she is a Canadian blonde who lives in Toronto now. I thought Canadians had their own country or something was up there to keep, like the Arctic Ocean from washing away the oil in North Dakota, but whatever is up there from Nathan Fillion taking American money and jobs and spouting off about American politics, there just seems to be something missing in Canada, or they think they can come down to American and raise hell like Americans, before going home and saying things like "eh" every few moments.

In writing this blog, I see a great deal of traffic in foreigners wanting to be involved in the American realty of Ivanka TV.  I can not fathom why as you can get America in any Irish pub on a weeknight in loud mouths and fists flying, but no one goes to Ireland or wants to be Irish unless they can get plastered guzzling green beer and then regret the rest of the year having green puke carpet stains in your car and shitter.

So Americans now are acting like shit again, like when the French were pissing around in American politics stirring up the masses to start a war against England for France. Is probably fitting in America is now trying to start four nuclear wars with Russia, Iran, China and North Korea all at the same time. I will say this that Trump's casino days in New Jersey, certainly taught him to play the odds, in you are bound to start a nuclear war with 4 chances on the bet.

The thing is I hear people saying Donald Trump has done a great deal in his first 100 days. All I see is he pissed off all of his supporters in being IVANKUCKED. Odd how that little Laura Southern is hot for Donald Trump  and Donald's bottle blonde daughter is hot for that fag Justin Trudeau of Canada as Jew cock Jared is not enough for her.

As I started reading all of this in the British press in Katie Perry buying like a 20 million dollar shack not worth a hundred thousand, I noticed that Donald Trump is going to London to see the Queen like Pussycat Pussycat.
Wouldn't it be a kick if he grabbed old Liz in the puss and it better be Liz, because if it was Camilla, her thang would probably bite his hand off.

He is said to have demanded the royal welcome include a procession to the palace in a gold-plated carriage, which will cause a huge security headache

Thing is the President is demanding the gold coach carriage ride. I do not quite get that security risk to ride a few ponies to go see Liz. I could understand it with Queen Kate, but that loaf head husband is always  around standing around like a toaster oven or Jared Kushner, so what is the point in going.
Actually for me it would be interesting to drive the coach, through the crowd of protesters, whipping them, driving up to whatever castle Liz owns, and then go hunting for some birds and stag.

Which brings me to the point in this, in I do not mind the President down to Mar Largo every weekend.  I would be someplace nice, but it allows time for Melania and Baron, and that I like. The point though is I think it is time Americans take the keys away from Air Force One until the President actually does something. I mean something that actually accomplishes something for his voters and not all this crumb candy like riding around in gold coaches.

The President should be keeping his word on them Mexican rapists being kicked out of America......he made and issue of that Navy guy who is in jail for doing nothing, so why not pardon all them military people screwed over by the military.

Maybe what it should be is something like Donald Trump gets a "Donnie Do List" from ........I don't know as I really do not trust any one any more, as it seems they are all sell outs or MOGs, but say the President got a Donnie Do List from me. I would email it to him for Monday morning, like three things he had to get done, or I take the keys away from Air Force One, and he has to instead do some shitty job all weekend like ........well  writing wonderful blog posts that rich people won't donate to.

The Donnie Do List would be something like:

Pardon Kristian Saucier

Then the President would send like John McCain to Syria to fight a duel with President Assad in like a joust and who lived, gets to keep Syria with all American support. I know McCain would probably break in two while the horse was running, but that is the point, in it is time to make the warmongers fight it out and let the regular folks live this time around.

The third thing, how about keeping your word to that Mother, Brenda Sparks whose kid was murdered by Mexicans in getting the Mexicans out of DACA Dodge.

He gets that done, and he gets the keys to Air Force One for the weekend, and we work on the other things like Special Session for Congress to get them to pass real health care, tax relief and a jobs package.