Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Trump Nuclear War Governance


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry requests all of you to cease being so hard on President Donald Trump in abandoning all of you in not keeping his promises to stop Obamacare rationed death, Obama high taxes and Obameconomics, because you think in 1776 Constitutional Legislative terms, while with Jared being Right Brain Donald and Ivanka being Left Brain Donald, they are the 21st century governance, while you are horse and bugging thinking.

See with President Trump, it is all so much better in you think the job of Congress is to pass legislation, when under Donald's good friend Paul........I suppose you need a  second name as  you are not that intimate with the characters of chaos, but Paul Ryan runs Congress in the new governance of NOT PASSING LEGISLATION.

Not passing legislation keeps you poor, distrusting voting and the government, and therefore you do not have a voice in government.

You  though are missing the gross beauty of this, the wonderful nature of Trump governance in not being bothered with passing legislation or keeping promises. As you are contemplaing what the Lame Cherry is educating you on in this neo civics lesson in the Wunderbah American System, educate yourselves in the following.

Donald Trump does not need to pass an economics's package, because when you start a nuclear world war, that is your economics package.

Donald Trump does not need to repeal Rationed Death, because global nuclear war is generous in not rationing death, so you do not need healthcare while rotting on your front lawn.

Donald Trump does not need to pass tax relief, because again, the nuclear war economy does not need survivors or taxpayers, it only needs robots to make nuclear bombs.

Donald Trump does not need a border wall, because a wall would only keep the Mexicans in. It is far better when nuclear bombs start falling that the Mexicans are not impeded in fleeing vaporized America.

Paul Ryan suggests Congress will delay border wall funding ...

Paul Ryan suggests Congress will delay border wall funding until ... Email Speaker Paul Ryan is vowing that Congress won't let the federal ...

Dana Milbank: Trump is now destroying a healthy health care system

There was no new legislation, and the previous health care system, Obamacare, wasn't repealed. What has replaced it — a system of confusio

Now that you know the successes which are the Trump Presidency, you can now all stop complaining about no legislation being passed nor promises kept, because we are in a brilliant 21st century nuclear war economy, and your vote does not matter, as you will be dead, replaced by robots and the elite will come out of their nuclear war bunkers to enjoy the green bushes which have been fertilized by your corpses, and those mutant animals who have grown fat and large feeding on millions of you.

The Lame  Cherry is of course in complete support of this, as this kind of governance will thin out all the liberal voters in cities,  and those in the vast wastes will be free to not be unemcumbered by voting, governance or life, because a computer and whoever the dictator is will decide  everything.

Now you are educated and can stop looking to Congress to do anything, as they are doing exactly what requires being done  when you  are running a nuclear war economy.

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