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Those Lists You Promised About, President Trump

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If you have ever had a delay at the airport in your civilian travel, or were a government official with a security clearance being delayed in a firearm's purchase, or had Homeland appear on your doorstep for an interview, what happened to an American docudramist sheds some very chilling light in how Americans get placed on security lists, when they are  innocent.

This was revealed in a UK  press story and it concerns a filmmaker named, who covered various subjects from Edward Snowden to the elections in Iraq.
It all went twilight zone in  2012 when she suddenly was detained at every  airport, and when in Germany, the officials there said her name "lit up like a Christmas tree". All of his is important as it links to the Trump wiretapping by the Obama regime  and James Comey's "perpetual investigations" as it was the same set of circumstances in this woman was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To explain what she discovered in having to sue the regime in a Freedom of Information Act from the courts, in which the FBI is not releasing all of the information, Laura Poitras was in a Saddam friendly neighborhood in Baghdad in 2004, covering the purple finger elections in Iraq. Her documentary was from an Iraqi doctor's perspective who lived in a pro Saddam neighborhood, and disliked American occupation, but hoped for the best.

Poitras states she did not go out that day, but was reported by some New York National Guard soldiers as a "white woman on a rooftop with a camera". Poitras stated she did not film that day, but a short time later the National Guard got ambushed and one of their unit was killed.

They immediately suspected this white woman having prior knowledge of the ambush, and it was reported and it went nowhere in the investigation.

That is when this took a turn when the commander a Lt. Colonel, returned home and was IN contacted by a writer looking to do a book on Guard deployments, and the Lt. Colonel related the events and the writer, John Bruning, tracked down Poitras about the events, and Poitras stated she was not filming and there was not any record of it, as it was a day not to be out in the streets.

In the 1000 pages of FBI files which were released, this is where it takes the sinister turn, as the Lt. Colonel informed the military that Poitras  was involved. The Pentagon looked into it and said nothing was there unless she was made to admit she had foreknowledge of the ambush.

The letter read: 'A review by our legal staff of the information developed thus far revealed credible information does not presently exist to believe Ms. Poitras committed a criminal offense; however, this could quickly change if Ms. Poitras were to be interviewed and admitted she had knowledge of the ambush and refused to notify U.S. forces in order to further her documentary and media interest.'

In May of 2006, the Army sent a summary to the FBI of the file, and it was then that the detentions began with extreme prejudice of 50 occasion of being endlessly questioned, her computer and equipment seized for over a month and a half, and as she was taking notes an official seized her pen as  she was a threat who could murder someone.
When she asked for crayons, she was denied those too.

There are a finite number of officials who can flag Americans, and none of this began until it hit the FBI, and someone there decided most likely they did not appreciate the Edward Snowden and other documentaries and were gong to make this woman's life hell which they did.
As she was in the media, they apparently did not dare to grill her, as she was an award winning filmmaker so instead, the passive terrorism took place, as it did with Mike Flynn and other Trump officials.

In forensic psychology, it is understandable in this Guard commander could not let it go, as the ambush was his responsibility. In all honest no National Guard units should have ever been deployed as fodder, because urban warfare is the most difficult of all, and harm will come to any patrol. So seeking a reason for death in war which was his responsibility as a commander, they focused on the white woman, who was not kidnapped or threatened by Saddam's people, because she was telling a story from their perspective instead of filming Americans tomahawk canoeing skulls of terrorists.

Donald Trump during the campaign said we needed no fly lists and things for guns, and that there would be some way to get innocent people off those lists, but the incident above, and for hundreds of thousands of other Americans who have a name like someone else on a list, who reported on something so a Homeland interview took place, made a documentary the regime did not like or simply because you mocked someone in high school and the person kept the grudge for 15 years, until they got into the FBI and could put your name on a watch list to screw with you, there is not any redress  of Americans, because there is not charge, a public hearing, and not any agency to protect Americans........and this filmmaker whether you like the content or not, had a few hundred hours of her life neutralized, without compensation, along with how this entire system was  terrorizing her, as she was innocent, and if she was such a threat she should have been in Gitmo.

But that is not how this situation works. LaVoy Finicum  is proof of that. The Bundy's are proof of that. The dead Blacks in Chicago are proof of that. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is proof of that and Kristian Saucier is proof of that as he was good enough for a Donald Trump campaign moment, but no pardon has come for him.

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Americans are put on watch lists for being Christians, Veterans, Patriots, Conservatives as this started under Bill and Hillary Clinton, and if you notice the trolls on the internet sent out in the Kushner Media, there is an entire propaganda wing in Trump Trans which is expanding this, as they were taking the names of the Freedom Caucus members to intimidate them.

There must be redress in this, and it begins with those who place innocent people on lists be held legally and criminally responsible for this terrorism against Americans, and there must be an NGO which any American can apply to which will put a stop to this as most people are not a billionaire like Donald Trump in being able to hire lawyers.
Because for every Laura Poistras there are 100,000 others who have to deal with regime intimidation from having their mail stopped because Media Research Center in Brent Bozell is mailing them junk mail to someone in government visiting a fringe media site and having their security clearance revoked.

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