Monday, April 17, 2017

Why did the Kushner's Hire a PR Firm for Sexual Deviants?

As another Lame Cherry sexclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember a few weeks ago when Sean Spicer was in Reverse Speech with David John Oates said FIRE THE GIRL ON HER KNEES, and Katie Walsh was the one fired?

Do you remember how odd it was that this leaker against the President was picked up by the very PAC that the Mercers were funding to take out the Conservatives, and it was Steve Bannon praising her and Jared Kushner hiring her?

Now no one would care if Bannon was getting his dick fluted by this engaged blonde that Spicer said was serving on her knees. It just did not make sense either in if Kushner was in the orchestra that Ivanka would be allowing a flutist to be paid for blowing the tune after daddy fired her, and it is unlikely they would be spending the big bucks to keep things quiet for Priebus, even to protect the President in hush money.

Revisit now the quote from Mike Cernovich, who is really plugged into 1600 Kushner Avenue, in his posting that Gary Cohn and Dina  Powell were taking the matsa to the ball, and stated THERE WERE OTHER SEXUAL INTRIGUES TAKING PLACE AT THE WHITE HOUSE TO COME OUT.

Other sex pervie stories are in the White House according to the insiders leaking to the Gorilla, and now Breitbart has an exclusive coming from Steve Bannon, because Jared Kushner violated the President Trump mandate that Kushner stop texting Morning Joe smearing Bannon.............and it is about Jared and Ivanka Kushner hiring the woman that the biggest f*cking perverts in New York hire from Anthony Wiener for starters.

Heller began her career in Schumer’s press office before expanding her horizons in and beyond the political field. She served as communications director for David Paterson as the New York governor who replaced prostitute-patronizing Gov. Eliot Spitzer and then found himself in crises of his own. In addition to allegations of witness tampering by his appointees, Heller managed Paterson’s image through the emergence of the sex and drug scandals that ultimately sunk his reelection hopes.

As TL pointed out, no women rose to defend Katie Walsh when she was fired. Walsh was always focused on her gentlemen.

What is the reality in the prude that I am and you are, that when we think of the Spicer girls on their knees that we think it is men and women. What if it was girl on girl.

OK we have insiders telling Mike Cernovich sex is going on in the White House. We have the Kushners hiring a sex perv PR firm. We have Breitbart for Steve Bannon pointing everyone to look at the Kushners.

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Was daddy protecting his little girl.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner worked to sink LGBT order ...

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump helped lead the charge to scuttle a draft executive order that would have overturned Obama-era enforcements of LGBT rights ...

The Kushners were a prominent Democratic real-estate family in New Jersey. Their relationship to politics was mostly as members of the donor class. A person close to Jared told me that growing up in New Jersey taught him the utterly transactional nature of politics. His ability to move with ease from one political ideology to another, depending on what seems useful at the moment, comes naturally.

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