Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Trump the Centrist is Hillary Leftism is Jeb Neoconism

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Trump takes centrist course...

Do not be dismayed, as all this must come to pass, as America will not be great again in what Donald Trump is engulfed himself into, as centrist is a term for all that is left from Gary Cohn's Nazi finance state or Ivanka Trump's Nazi nanny state.
You can not grow an economy when it is being bled by 1 trillion in Obamcare, 3 trillion in Obama taxes, 1 trillion in jobless claims, 1 trillion in welfare for Mexicans  and Muslims.

Just admit what is the reality now, and do not waste your faith in this corrupt system which the President has embraced that is an economy of war debt, as there is not any tax relief, freedom from Obamacare, or economic jobs.

Expect more economic fraud in the stock market will not collapse as long as Donald Trump is Barack Obama. There will not be terror attacks in America, unless Mr. Trump backs away from his global war being promoted to him.


Mr. Trump will be overcome as events pile upon events, and he will rue the day he embraced the dragon of China.

Each day more and more Americans stop listening to Donald Trump, because they stopped believing him. he has not kept his word, and his chosen embrace of Paul Ryan, is now what Donald Trump is defined as.

Paul Ryan Delays Funding on Border Wall...

RNC, White House try to avoid Obama's missteps...

Trump as a centrist, will bring the same result as Hillary the leftist and Jeb the Neocon. It will all bring failure.The North Koreans are prepared and China will not allow Americans to humiliate Asians again.

For those who are not aware, Pyongyang is a ant tunnel colony. When Americans are in a fury over an Asian being dragged off a United Airlines flight,  just wait for Donald Trump starving and gassing millions of North Koreans in their tunnels who refuse to give up.

Foreign journalists in NKorea told to prepare for 'big' event...