Monday, April 10, 2017

We are in World War IV

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Last week a 50 something was posting in Facebook that I had to make this site a pay site or I should shut up about asking for money in donations. This expert also weighed in that Trump bombing Syria would not cause World War IV as I and others.......including an Ex Pat from CONservative Treehouse who broke free could ascertain what all of this meant.

This trolltard now is being exposed the fool, just as Sundance and his Kushner MOGS are being exposed for the fools they are.

Yes, Donald Trump and you Americans and Europeans, how long do you think your trillion dollar technological warfare is going to last before it wears out or is neutralized by nations like Russia who have been preparing for nuclear war with the West for two decades and China with over a billion people can absorb everything America has in weapons, and still have 200 million Chicoms yet to pick over the dead bones of every American.

Really great guidance you received there from Ivanka whining for Jewish dominion over Syria, and from your McMaster thinking it was a great message to scatter Iranians and Russians before Trumpenfuror Ivanka's Tomahawk Salvo.

The Lame Cherry proven right again, we are in World War IV. The Seers point to New York City vanishing, America being of no use to Europe and America driven from the Mideast in absolute humiliation.

President Donald Trump, here this counsel. You have one opportunity in this to stop the Great Eurasian War, and that is to come out and state that you have fired everyone from your Tomahawk TV party, except Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller. You will then apologize to Russia as you received fake intelligence, but this will not repeat as you have terminated the culprits and have detained them from John McCain, HR McMaster, Lindsey Graham and Dina Powell for extradition to Russia as war criminals if Russia so cares to file the papers.
Followed by your announcing that Ivanka's office is closed and she with her husband are sent home to raise their children.

..........and get Stephen Cohen on a jet yesterday to fix this, Mr. President.

As TL mentioned the other day, "LC if there was one thing I had hoped you were wrong on, it was this".

Lame Cherry right again, and the fools slink away, but God remembers in Judgment.