Monday, April 10, 2017

The Tomahawk Gauntlet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Pat Buchanan is silent.

Those words speak volumes in the excuses for Donald Trump being IVANKUCKED by Ivanka and the West Wing Cabal are over. The thing I tried to stop from happening has now gone full blown in the fringe media which set the firewall for Donald Trump, and worked themselves past exhaustion in defending him is over.
They are now going to be the worst nightmare for President Donald Trump in they will hound him, define him and expose his every flaw, because he humiliated them, betrayed them and ignored them under the advice of Trump Trans.

Jeff Rense featured headlines today after the Tomahawk Gauntlet

Jewish President Jared Kushner & Jewish First Lady Ivanka
Soros Backed Kushner With $250 Million - Jews Stick Together
Looks Like Donald Trump May Be Jewish
Kirwan - Trump Is Israel's Bitch
Steve Bannon’s 'America First' influence Is Finished
Roberts - More Fake News From Washington
Russia, Iran Will 'Respond With Force' If US Hits Syria Again
Russia, Iran Warn Trump They Will 'Respond With Force'
If Syria 'Red Lines' Are Crossed Again

Trump's National Security Advisor, McMaster, Planning
'Full-Scale War' In Syria (For US 'National Security')

US Boots Will Be On The Ground In Syria By June
Without Pantsir, Buk and Tor, S-400s Alone
Are Not Enough To Cover Syria's Skies

Idlib - US-Made Arms Depot Destroyed In Syrian Airstrike

What America has now are the vermin who hate Donald Trump cheering him as long as he murders Syrians, Persian and Russians, which will bring about more horror and mayhem for Americans, than these coddled conspirators ever dreamed, because the cartel is intent on world war and it is coming because of Donald Trump.

There are now the two factions who made Donald Trump by the Grace of God in the Christians and the Alt Right. One is moral and will retreat, and the other is in this for their Shylock pound of flesh and they will do to Donald Trump what they did to everyone from rapist Clinton to chimp George Bush.
Donald Trump is now naked. HR McMaster can lie about Syria conducting a chemical weapons attack in Syria, but they blundered their weekend in only inflating war hysteria more, which America does not want, and as the Alt Right survived and is regrouping, you are going to find all sorts of entertaining satire to pull down the cabal in the White House.
This is not going to be the ditz of Alec Baldwin, but the really fund stuff that sticks in your mind like IVANKUCKED, which will flow into the mainstream and become a running joke inside the White House.

Do not think that Donald Trump is going to be a one term president, because what he is, is a conduit of the cartel now, and as long as he keeps population reduction and the American Genocide, he will have his second election stolen for him as Obama had 2 stolen for him.

So you might as well just sit back or join in, and enjoy this, because eat, drink and laugh, for the death is coming now, as President Vladimir Putin has responded as only he could in booting the treacherous representative of the United States in Rex Tillerson out of Russia. I WILL REPEAT THIS IN RUSSIA and IRAN MEAN WAR, BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP STARTED A WAR WITH THEM, by deliberately shooting at Iranian and Russian Soldiers in Syria.........and worse, making them scatter like rats, and Donald Trump and his crew sat there watching it all on drone footage and THEY ENJOYED IT.
The Russians and the Iranians have been humiliated and you do not humiliate these peoples, because they will make you pay dearly.

Iran will unleash their turban heads all through Europe and America to remind the cheering dolts of the war is coming home. Obama let them in, and Donald Trump kept them around for what will come. Russia has all sorts of cover retaliatory things in mind........and dear children and brats, they have willing Europeans and Americans in the millions, willing to look the other way and be mothered by Russia, because they will not be part of more damned lies and starting murderous wars.

So enjoy this macabre theater, as there is nothing else that can be done. President Donald Trump was absolutely wrong in what he did in Syria. He has destroyed his trust with his voters and has destroyed all trust with Russia. You will begin to see what the Lame Cherry stated in peace with Russia had to be the main foreign policy focus, or else the entire world falls apart and America becomes a cow pasture.

Donald Trump is going to be hounded 24 hours a day by the fringe media as Christians withdraw and remain silent. I would suggest that Donald Trump never appear at another rally, because he will be booed off the stage.
All President Trump had to accomplish was staying with God, putting Christians into his staff, keep his word to Americans and God would bless him with peace and prosperity. The President has done none of the above, and now the Russian Bear and Persian Lion are aroused, and when the retaliations begin on America, do not blame Russia or Iran, because the fact in this is the Americans struck Iran and Russia first, in a most unAmerican humiliation in making them run before Tomahawk missiles.

I am reminded of Exeter in Henry V, telling the dauphin that the English would make France shake for the tennis balls that the dauphin sent to King Henry to mock him, when Henry asked for the kingdom. America you are going to learn as will the world that the Tomahawk gauntlet is going to have consequences and when you decide you want to make peace, your Eurasian adversaries you created are going to make you run the gauntlet as it is just getting started.

But enjoy the Alt Right, they are a most entertaining kindred, who can whistle in graveyards walking over all of our graves.

Events rolling upon events.