Sunday, April 9, 2017

What Responsibility Do You Have President Trump In the Coptic Church Bombings?

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All of us are now aware of the Palm Sunday Massacre of Christians in Muslim Egypt, including President Trump who condemned it, and that the Egyptians will handle the terror event.

 As is the case, we discover that the fake news could not quite get the facts correctly in this terror attack, or perhaps those Dina Habib Powell Christians in Egypt were more lifelike in death and no one could tell who was living or dead........or the fake news as typical could not get their propaganda straight like it was not Syria who had the chemical weapons in Syria.

Palm Sunday bombings of Egyptian Coptic churches kill 44 ...

TANTA,Egypt/CAIRO At least 44 people were killed in Egypt in bomb attacks at the cathedral of the Coptic Pope and another church on Palm Sunday, prompting anger and ...

Of course, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks. The same ISIS from Syria who has been brought in, armed, trained and nurtured by Barack Obama and John McCain, and aided this past week by President Donald Trump bombing the Syrian Air Force.

Islamic State claims responsibility for Egyptian church bombings that killed dozens

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for bombings that killed 44 at two Coptic churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday — brazen strikes against…
WAPT Jackson13 minutes ago

Yes the proof of ISIS had American weapons to slaughter Syrians and it all came from Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and from the grinning John McCain and Birther Hussein.

Dem: ISIS is using U.S. arms | TheHill

Dem: ISIS is using U.S. arms. By Molly K. Hooper - 06/23/14 04:23 PM EDT. ... "I think what he was saying was [the United States] provided arms to moderate Sunnis.

So when a terror attacks in Egypt because for two months President Trump has not been keeping his word as Sec. Mattis never created a plan to defeat terrorism, but now has a plan to send in US SOLDIERS TO INVADE SYRIA to depose the elected leader there in President Assad, who IS FIGHTING ISIS, it returns to the events of last week where Ivanka Trump forced her father to bomb the one President in the Mideast who is actually fighting ISIS.

So ISIS emboldened by President Trump targeting Syria, strikes in Egypt on Palm Sunday, the Christians, who they will religicide in Syria, once President Assad is gone, all due to Ivanka Trump West Wing Cabal policy.

Syria Strike: Donald Trump 'convinced by Ivanka to take ...

Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike 'after being convinced by daughter Ivanka' DONALD Trump's decision to rain down 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian ...

 The end result Mr. President is that you have responsibility in the Egyptian Coptic Church massacre, because you saw fit to impede the very fight against ISIS, by attacking the Syrian air force and attempting to intimidate the Russians who are the only forces fighting the John McCain and Barack Obama armed terrorists in Syria.
.......and by the way Mr. President, it is President Assad who is protecting the Christians in Syria and they are begging you to stop attacking President Assad so they do not end up with more of them raped and murdered as the Coptic Egyptians on the Palm Sunday.

This is your policy Mr. President and you weakened Syria and Russia in their fighting ISIS by attacking them, instead of holding Turkey responsible for dumping chemical weapons into Syria for their al Qaeda terrorsits to seize Syrian lands on their borders.

Oh and President Trump, just like Blacks in Black History Month only made it into the White House due to Omarosa, it seems NONE of your McMasters, Mattis, Powell, Kushner, Priebus, Ivanka policy has LAID OUT ONE SENTENCE IN HOW TO PROTECT CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA FROM YOUR IVANKA WAR POLICY.

The Christians of Syria deem President Assad their Angel Protector as he actually has saved Christians in the Mideast.

Answer the question Mr. President in your part in emboldening terrorists and more to the point of where is one line in your foreign policy which had an entire policy concerning the PROTECTING OF CHRISTIANS.

Syrian Christian leader tells West: 'Stop arming terror ...

Syrian Christian leader tells West: 'Stop arming terror groups who are massacring our people'

Along with bishops of his church he recently had talks with President Assad of Syria. "President Assad urged us to do everything in our hands to prevent Christians from leaving Syria. 'I know you are suffering,' he said, 'but please don't leave this land, which has been your home for thousands of years, even before Islam came.' He said that Christians will also be needed when the time comes to rebuild this devastated country."
He said the majority of Syrian citizens support Assad's government and have always supported it.


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