Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Who at the NSA is Censoring the Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is publishing the actual record of the all time traffic on this site, the monthly, the weekly and the daily, and while "where it is dawn" on the earth does affect who is reading the blog in numbers, I have been most puzzled in how some populations simply do not care about their liberty or security in having a voice championing them.

As the record reveals, I have had a steady following from Russia  and Ukraine. I have a fondness for all the Slavic Peoples, for all they have suffered, how resilient they are and simply because they are honorable and good people.

I began noticing something bizarre though about the time Mike Flynn was forced to resign, and the rhetoric of Donald Trump went anti Russian, as HR McMasters appeared and Mike Pompeo became a conduit of the communist Brennan's  former smear machine against the President, that suddenly the Russian readership disappeared.
In searches, it appears the Russians have to find the blog by the numbered address, instead of the name Lame Cherry.

As Google gets paid on the number of visitors on this site, it makes absolutely no sense for Google to be censoring this blog. As the Russians if this was bots, would have no reason to shut down traffic enhancement, they are not behind this, no more than they would be considering this blog does not attack the Russians and promoted Trump Putin peace.

That then points to the NSA CIA or FBI. I did note the last time I posted about this blog being censored inside the Americana Intelligence Community, that within days, the Russian readership picked up again, and has since vanished completely.
To go from the numbers of readers which this blog had in Russia, to zero readers is a red flag. I can tell you that French readership was for some time due to Marine Le  Penn's run, second only to American readership. About two months ago when Ms. Le Penn was looking to wing the election in France, the French readership collapsed and trends much lower and is back to pre Trump era numbers.

As a violation of my rights and as a criminal attack upon me, in interfering with my right to make a living, as this blog runs on donations, suppressing entire nations from reading this blog (I have never received a donation from Russia or Ukraine as those people are extremely poor outside the oligarchs.) is a criminal act as much a violation of my rights of the free press.
Why this blog is so much a focus of the security and intelligence communities is ridiculous. No one gets this kind of attention and it is something which needs to be made known, as someone is doing this, and as logic points to it not being Google, Russia or anyone else, and that leaves the NSA CIA FBI again, now involved in traffic suppression, it points to a problem in the over reach of those in control of the mechanisms, because this blog is for Peace, for the success of Donald Trump as President and the way for Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin to have Russia and America co exist in prosperity and peace.

Perhaps it needs to be looked into in this fake Russian hacking, just who it is that is interfering with the information flow to the world, and who gave the orders, who is responsible and in a FOIA to making a target of the Lame Cherry.

Once again, I will track the stats, and see how long it takes for a supervisor a deputy director or a wetbot who monitors this blog, to conclude, they better turn the censors off again, before someone in Congress begins investigating and making an issue of this in how much censoring is the intelligence community involved in.

Nuff Said.