Thursday, April 20, 2017

The certainty of Trump and Taxes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a well known fact that Donald Trump appreciates being rightly critiqued in the media, because he has stated this often enough.
We also know that in the Art of the Deal, that what Donald Trump appreciates most in the deal is taking an extreme position and making the other person work their way back to your original position to seal the deal.

The Lame Cherry believes in advocating to bring Donald Trump to keeping his promises to the American People and serving the President through the disaster of his children in politics, and the fact that I am that forgotten woman as no one in the Trump campaign wants to be reminded that if not for the miracle of God, they would all now be under indictment by Hillary Clinton.

So to help the President, the Lame Cherry from this point on advocates that each of you in your 50 states converse about signing into law before 2020 that every person running for federal office must release their tax returns, because we all know that Donald Trump promised to release his.
The Lame Cherry advocates that both the RNC, DNC, Libertarian, Green and whatever parties all include a plank which states their federal candidates must produce their tax returns for public inspection or they do not get the nomination of their party or their party removes the nomination.
The Lame Cherry advocates that the Freedom Caucus, along with what will be the entire Democratic parties in both houses will vote for making it a national law that anyone running for President or Vice President must release their tax returns to the public. If Mr. Trump sees fit to veto it, it will be passed by veto proof margins in the House and Senate, because neither part is going to fall on the sword to cover for President Trump in this issue.

The President just needs help is all there is to it. To be reminded and to be  informed that he is going to keep his promise in tax return disclosures or he will not be renominated in 2020.
Once the President realizes that promises are not negotiating points like READ MY LIPS NO NEW TAXES, the President will then begin process of keeping his promises on things like health care, tax relief, jobs, treaties, and not shooting at Russians, or there will be another law appearing to remind the President about keeping his word.

To put this plainly, what do you think the Democrats who control California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Michigan might be moving forward with in passing the tax release law, which instructs their respective Secretaries of State to not accept any filings unless the tax information is included and is public.
It would sort of be akin to the next Democrat for President in 2020 running unopposed in those states and will be the next President.

With that brilliant pair of democrats in Jared and Ivanka Kushner, I am just surprised that they have not thought of this scenario, but then coup plotting against Priebus, Bannon and Conway does take up a great deal of time, especially with their having to raise those children, and it is like Ivanka swoons daily like a Barbie "I didn't sign up for this" as her Ken doll croons, "I did not either"........but they sure super glued their butts to those West Wing Offices which belong to Loyalists and Christians who did the work.

But then this is about political platforms, state and federal laws about reminding the President about keeping his promises.

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