Thursday, April 6, 2017

Who is more Free? A North Korean or an American?

Avalon Project - Washington's Farewell Address 1796

Washington's Farewell Address 1796 ... to warn against the mischiefs of foreign intrigue, ... Geo. Washington. 18th Century Page:

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I was watching PBS Frontline as they have unique material, and the show this time was about North Korea, which was at heart nothing but a South Korean CIA and American CIA production of propaganda, in which the viewer was supposed to glean the horrid conditions that North Koreans exist under.

The problem is as the North Koreans looked at the cars of the West as the Russians did under Soviet propaganda, I happened to start noticing things about Kim Jong Un's paradise.

The evils of Kim Jong Un were he expanded prisons.........last time I checked America was the largest imprisoned population in the world behind bars.

There was an amusing recording of a Korean woman, who did not have appropriate dress on, for which the police were giving her an armband to wear. In the exchange, she repeatedly hit the police. They called her a bitch and she was screaming at her to not call her a bitch, and she was hitting them some more. Finally an officer appeared who told her to go home, and she was ranting at him too.

I ask you to think if you started beating on a cop in America, how long it would be, before you would be tasered, on the ground and charged with 20 years in prison?

In another instance, a woman was operating a bus (It was a truck) and hauling people around. Some young police appeared, and she chewed them out, told them they were not officers so she was not listening to them, and the cussed them out as they left, and she drove away.

Again, how many of you would dare to swear at your local police or Homeland Security, and tell them they did not have any business telling you how to conduct your business? If you did, you would be in prison.

So Frontline can post all it wants about how great the West is, but I saw North Koreans with more freedom of expression and lawlessness that no Americans possess.

There was a segment which shows DVD's for sale at 30 cents a piece. Yes on Amazon they are 12 dollars, so who is being screwed over, the Americans or the North Koreans?

Of course the documentary had on it the squalid parts of North Korea, because just like the BBC digging up thee most waste places in America for broadcast that is what propaganda is. The fact is though North Koreans have every bit the life that Chelsea Clinton has in they gather for lunch in their state provided apartments, which are clean, warm and well stocked with wine for lunch, as they debate about uprisings in North Korea.

North Koreans are fed in the entire population. Americans are not.

There was a segment of the display store where nothing was for sale, as it is all smuggled in.  This is some kind of "bad thing of North Korea", until you realize it is the United States which is restricting world trade with North Korea. Again who is going to blow up the world with a bottle of beer or an Ivanka scarf?

I am not stating that North Korea is a great place to live, but when I see the North Koreans have more freedom and have equal lives or better than numbers of Americans in squalor, I start wondering just what in the hell is the problem with North Korea.

Well they have nuclear missiles. So does the United States and America was banning trade with North Korea long before they had nukes.

Well North Korea attacked the South. It is a point in asking who the United States has not attacked lately, and the only people they have not attacked are ones with nuclear bombs. So maybe regimes in this world learn, if you want to keep your head and your freedom, you get yourself a nuclear arsenal.

This can go round and round, but the fact is North Korea is more peaceful, more pristine and more free than a numer of instances in the United States, Canada or Germany.

There was a PBS documentary on North Korea a number of years ago, where an American went in to visit and film. His translator was a lovely married Korean woman, who honestly cried when she left, as she liked this American.
Was there military slogans of "American swine dog", of course there were, but listen to Nasty Ashley Judd and you get the same rhetoric.
Were there cautions from the translator about filming in central square? Of course there was and she as a North Korean was looking out for an American......but again, if you are stupid enough to stand outside a federal building in America and start snapping photos, you are going to get visited quite readily by people with badges.

I know that Frontline was calling for regime change and conditioning Americans to hate Kim Jong Un. The problem is that like people behind the Iron Curtain and the DMZ, that I started noticing things like North Koreans are not price gouged, that North Koreans get to scream and slap police around, that their police do not have guns and tanks, and that their government actually appears to have an interest in them in jobs and provision, instead of viewing them as some rat infestation as Americans are viewed by their oligarchs.

We witnessed the same thing with Col. Khadaffi, who fed his people, who provided college education to his people, who promoted women, who actually made Libya secure for them from terrorism, and who rewarded the population with their oil reserves. When was the last time you got your college paid for or even a check from your government for any of the natural resources under your feet which ARE YOUR RESOURCES?

Once you see that repressive regimes are more  liberated than an American democracy, you start wondering why is it bad when Kim Jong Un assassinates his traitor brother who was seeking to assassinate him for America, when Birther Hussein had LaVoy Finicum murdered for sleeping on a national wildlife refuge for Hillary Clinton's donors.

I want the American Dream for Americans. I want Americans not price gouged. I want Americans to not be enemies of the state. I want an American based on George Washington in no foreign involvement and Abraham Lincolin in malice toward none and charity toward all.

North Korea has some reformers, but when the Americans are lighting B 52's and pointing nukes as North Korea, it does nothing but entrench the hardliners. Kim Jong Un demands attention, because he has always been rewarded when he draws attention in missiles and bombs, and the reward was bribes from America in millions of dollars.

I have stated what needs to be done in America rearms South Korea with neutron warheads, and enough hydrogen miniature bombs to create cobalt bombs to make the north scorched earth. That is security and then begins the process of trading with North Korea to provide for them all the decadent things they crave and the North Korean problem is solved as culture rot does not conquer anyone.
I would have preferred sending in Christian missionaries and garden seeds, but George W. Bush's CIA decided to make the missionaries spies and that ruined that trust.

So now we are stuck with this, and President Trump being fed more fake intelligence is drawing lines in the sand and looking weak, and nothing is going to be solved in another Syria in Asia with hundreds of thousands of people dead.