Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why Kim Jong Un Is A Danger

Hundreds of weapons were fired across the sea in Wonsan, North Korea, in the military demonstration 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For all of you reading this, the above photo would be the proof of what the Lame Cherry is addressing in why Kim Jong Un is a danger, but you are incorrect. I will also point out I stated he is a DANGER and not DANGEROUS, there is a vast difference in this description.

For some asstard reason Sean Hannity and the Trump security people think that 150,000 PLA Chinese on the border and Chinese statements about North Korea going beyond the line are  threats against North Korea, when if one examines all Chicom actions, they are a clever two edged blade, and the target is the United States and not North Korea.

Furthermore, a television screen is a multi  viewer screen. North Korea puts on a display of force which could just as easily be employed to punish China, as South Korea and America.
Would you feel secure if Mexico was threatening Russia with nukes and this display and then told Washington it was a puppet state that was a problem too, or would you think this was only Mexico threatening Russia?

Hundreds of tanks were lined up along the eastern coastal town of Wonsan in a show of military strength celebrating 85 years since the North Korean army was created

This though is about why Kim Jong Un is a danger, and it is the following photo of why he is.

Leader Kim Jong-Un  saluted his military from the top of a private car as they drove through the demonstration

Do you see it?

Study the photo closely. What do you see?

I am witnessing Kim in details. New pressed clothing. A man in charge. His driver is a man who if he messes up will be killed, so he pays attention to every detail, to the shine of his personal car, and that little flag is perfect to the tassels on the flag.
That is attention to detail. That is attention to detail which means Kim has  fail safes built in at every level to inflict and punish on any enemy, not for a day,  not for a month, but for years ahead. This is a leader who would have found while HR McMaster was looking a satellites a way to get into the United States in numerous ways, with numerous agents to carry out the North Korean agenda.

This is not a sullen military, but the loyalists, and to the last crease they are attention to detail.

It does not make any difference the propaganda from South Korea in how bad it is in the North, because just like the bunker regime which is shoving Donald Trump to war, all of these leaders have their luxury in survival to the last detal.

The North Korean despot smiled with his military deputies as he watched the military drill 

Kim Jong Un knows America's two weaknesses. She does not in her psyche deal well with piles of dead bodies of children with American involvement. (Ivanka Trump proved that in Syria as much as Jane Fonda in Vietnam.) America also does not bleed well as a population, as Vietnam and Korea taught.

America fights clean wars in the Pentagon, sanitized, because they know the American weakness. If Donald Trump listens to McMaster, Ivanka and Mattis with the bunker elite, Kim Jong Un will make America bleed, which will bring a response which will produce piles of dead children to make Americans wince in guilt, and the extend the front, to make America suffer in her wounds.

Your Donald Trump thinks in quick strikes and 15 minute attention spans. Kim Jong Un is thinking in the same plan of 1950 in uniting Korea and driving America in humiliation to defeat again. Kim Jong Un knows it is it not him, it will be his son which he produce or his grandson, but he will win, because after all of the American sanctions, wars and bribes, North Korea still has attention to the tassels on her flags.

That is why Kim Jong Un is a danger, as much as there are still the last of the American Korean War POW's living as part of North  Korea's society. This Kim who was schooled in Europe has a POW group which has taught the North Korea intelligence how to respond in American thought process.

You did not know that your Pentagon knew Americans were left behind and patriated into North Korea, China and Russia from two wars in Asia? There is so much you never knew and you are still missing all the signs of why this Kim Jong Un is a danger and not dangerous, because he is a danger as the Americans do not estimate him nor this ruling class for how attending to detail they are.