Sunday, April 16, 2017

World War IV started over beautiful Chocolate Cake?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Was it not just the other day that Kushner Media had that sunprancer over at CONservative Treehouse, bragging on Donald Trump being a genius in getting into bed with China, in how Solomon himself looked like a tard compared to the wonderful chocolate cake policy of Donald Trump and dictator Xi of Peking.

The thing is the Lame Cherry gets proved right sooner than later, and now Donald Trump's good friend dictator Xi is allied with Vladimir Putin in chasing President Trump's carrier task force meant to intimidate Kim Jong Un, with a combined flotilla of 19 Chinese and Russian warships.
Oh and the Russians are on record stating that after Xi met with Trump, that Xi asked for MORE WARSHIPS.

China and Russia have dispatched intelligence-gathering vessels from their navies to chase the USS Carl Vinson nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which is heading toward waters near the Korean Peninsula, multiple sources of the Japanese government revealed to The Yomiuri Shimbun.
It appears that both countries aim to probe the movements of the United States, which is showing a stance of not excluding military action against North Korea. The Self-Defense Forces are strengthening warning and surveillance activities in the waters and airspace around the area, according to the sources.

So now we have an American nuclear powered Navy task force, meant to intimidate nuclear powered Kim Jong Un, and two nuclear powered Navies in Russia and China, all in the the Sea of Japan, where the Russians or Chinese can claim one of their ships accidentally rammed a big aircraft carrier, crippling it and sending it limping back to Okinawa if it does not sink, thereby checking the McMaster and Mattis master stroke and Donald Trump now is moving up to targeting nuclear sites in North Korea.......

It seems to me some sand surfers were attacking me for stating this was the start of World War IV, and now we have the perfect scenario, and America will be blamed for it.

So you understand this, the Russian and Chinese Navies are both there spying on the American ships, intercepting communications, ready to neutralize American electronics, and be the wonderful early warning detection for North Korea, the moment the carrier task force sends signals Donald Trump is attacking.

Do you think that 10,000 artillery pieces, firing flack as a wall, might hit even American stealth warcraft coming in on runs?

As the Lame Cherry originally stated in progressing the policy of American warships in the Sea of Japan, their purpose was to not strike, but to be a deterrent to Kim firing missiles off in the direction of Japan. The problem is the Americans told the world where they were going, that the Russians and Chinese got on station first.

Hopefully those who doubted the Lame Cherry again, have now concluded that the evidence of what was warned of is now manifesting, and that each of us is in real jeopardy, not from the events, but from Donald Trump being played by his West Wing and Neocon advisers and outplayed by the Russians and Chinese. Seriously, you had morons waving pompoms over Trump giving everything to China a few days ago, and now China is in full support of Russia and spying on America.
Did I not tell you the Peking girls were treacherous and state that peace with Russia was the only solution.......and now Mr. Trump with Ivanka and her tomahawk chops have ruined Russian American relations in they can not be repaired as the Kremlin will not ever trust Donald Trump again, and they have no need of President Trump, because RUSSIA IS WINNING as the United States keeps being dug deeper into the pit.

As I am not being paid the 6 figures and have been exiled to the wilderness by the Trump brand, I am not going to fix this as I am through with having God's Inspiration stolen and turned into this klusterfuck of Korea.

So you understand this completely by what Donald Trump painted the world into:

The United States is stuck and can not back down or it loses all face with the Asians.

Donald Trump made a deal where China can be a global terror state at home and abroad, and the US will keep silent.

Donald Trump made a deal, sending a signal that human rights do not matter but Chinese bribes do for Trump brand investments.

The United States looks feckless and Kim Jong Un looks stronger.

The United States has eroding support in Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea.

North Korea fully intends to provoke Donald Trump to strike, and Kim Jong Un will survive, you will see dead Korean babies, there will be some nuclear contamination and America will be blamed, and that pompous Nikki Haley will be hauled before the UN Security Council for America to answer for her aggression.

America can not act in pulling the carrier group out or utilizing it, and when nothing is done, America will be seen as defeated and slinking away. This is a no win situation, and the allied populations are terrified enough now, not by Kim Jong Un, but by Donald Trump, that this is a disaster.

This blog had laid out a successful process with North Korea, of dealing with it, and moving on, which checked China and Russia quietly, but now classified American capabilities have been leaked, and more will be gathered by the Russian and Chinese ships.

So you understand this, this is the Sea of Japan, but that is China and Russia to the west of the American carrier group. This is their pond and they are in a mood to humiliate America by the overplayed Donald Trump and the President is sailing into it.

Logically, what if this is like the fake situation in reverse of Syria chemical weapons? What if this group is prepared for a Trump strike, and with the right wind makes it look like an American strike blows up a plutonium device, that showers a Fukushima radiation plume all over Japan and South Korea.
You want those pictures haunting your screens to make Hiroshima look tame, as that cloud in a week is sending alerts out for the United States that your children can not go outside, as fallout is endangering them like Chicom test warnings of the 1960's?

This wonderful chocolate cake negotiations is confirming that America should not have gone this far, and must not take a step further. In a casino you do not keep betting on losing hands, and that is all America is dealing with.

This all comes back to the only thing Kim wants in a united  Korea under him, and meeting a US President who says Kim is a dear leader. The United States response was to nuclear arm the South with devices to stop Kim and to pollute the region with cobalt in the event Kim decided to use nuclear terrorism. That is where Donald Trump must return to QUIETLY and IMMEDIATELY, and then leave this festering pustule to be immoralized with trade from South Korea and Japan, so the leadership rots and is replaced by Christian Churches as North Korea was not bulldozing their Churches as China is.

Nuff Said

Oh wait THIS JUST IN: The Ivanka Tomahawk and Trump Trans advice has brought an American State to the brink of PREPARING FOR A NUCLEAR STRIKE.
Hello John Kennedy, we have Cuban Missile Crisis on the red line...........

The policy is not working when the chocolate cake is radioactive.


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