Monday, April 17, 2017

Donald Trump's Last Bridge

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump in less than 100 days took America from hope to cope, from dreams to distress, from victory to failure, and it all rests on the clever intrigue of Jared and Ivanka Kushner which began the moment these liberals actually figured out there was a movement which would put their old man in the White House.
I stated then that the Trump kinder were grabbing the reins for the reign and they made a disaster of the final months of the Trump campaign.

The coup plotters were simple in the Pence Ryan Priebus GOPliters, the Political Hacks in Bannon and Conway, and the Kushners, who all aligned to remove the Loyalists like Chris Christie and the Christians who were never allowed face time, lest America know they were a political movement in power.

As each person was picked off from Corey Lewandowski to Paul Manafort, as they fell into the intrigue of Trump Inc., what eventually remained was what was intended, in Ivanka Trump running a West Wing Cabal of liberals and neocons, to correct her father's Nationalist course, as Eric, Don, Ivanka and Jared all admitted these rednecks were not good for the Trump brand, as they would never have the money for designer clothes, to stay in Trump hotels or purchase Trump memberships to play golf.

The fact is the Trump children have successfully alienated the Trump base and shattered the Trump presidency in a 100 days plan that even Bill Kristol failed at in 2016 with Ted Cruz going suicide bomber at the Cleveland Convention.

In noting these facts of the feckless and floundering Trump cabal now as the world begins closing in as China plays Mr. Trump and Russia being made an adversary, is President Donald Trump has one last bridge to America in First Lady Melania Trump, whom the People adore and trust. I state this in the precious gift of Melania Trump as this Presidency's remaining lifeline for the reason of warning, because as all of this falls apart in domestic and foreign policy, there is going to be some Cohn, Kushner, Priebus or the Kinder who are going to throw Mrs. Trump to the political wolves in pressuring her to go out and attempt to rally the base with her reputation, with the full intent of using her to manipulate the base to betray them again, and thereby harm the First Lady's reputation, in which in chivalry she should be protected at all venues.

The First Lady did not engorge herself in a power grab like Hillary Clinton as Ivanka Trump did. The First Lady did not manipulate her husband for her pet projects. The First Lady did not attempt to sell the Trump brand or her label. Instead the First Lady, put her son first in his care, and performed her duties as America's Ambassador to the world flawlessly and with perfection.

Melania Trump is Donald Trump's last chance to be President, and he is to blame for all of this, as he forgot the God who made Him President and abandoned the voters who gave all they had for this 2016 campaign to stop the American Genocide.

Mrs. Trump should not be asked nor put upon in the responsibility of undoing what the Trump children have destroyed. She should not be distressed nor put into situations where the American mob who is in a fury over being ill used and betrayed to calm their broken hearts. It is for that reason this blog posts this to protect her, because she did not make this disaster and should not have to try and salvage a trust which Americans have had abused, in an attempt to build upon the trust Americans have for her.

I suspect she will be pressured and Americans will see it as fake, as the Trump children's loyalty to their father's Contract Promises to America. Mrs.Trump does not need that and it is up to Donald Trump to probably be a father for the first time in his life and tell his Ivana children they are all fired from the Trump Presidency. They would have been assets from a weak political position not inside the White House as emissaries of the Right Wing agenda of their father, but in strong position, everything is suspect, including putting a liberal like Chris Christie as Chief of Staff, because it will be then a not so liberal gun grabber surrounded by dripping liberals who hate Americans in ring of uniform wearing neocons bent on moving world war to nuclear war.

It is the reality that Melania Trump brings out the best in Donald Trump, while his children bring out the worst.
It brings out a sadness in me for her, in all she has, how successful she is in all that matters in personhood and womanhood, that for all her strengths she is the last bridge that Donald Trump has to Americans, as the People no longer trust him. No wife should ever be placed in that position in their marriage.

I do believe that I could still save this Presidency in a week's time, but that clock is running out quickly, and more to the point in this, I am not going to prop up a cabal which will betray Americans again. We are entering a phase where it will be a weak saved presidency to one which is like Jimmy Carter's in failed.
Donald Trump could have become the greatest President ever, but he is fast approaching a mocking taunt.

The First Lady deserves better than any of this, and I would advocate she take on the roll of Jackie Kennedy when her husband failed, and that the first wife of Donald Trump stands up to her ex husband, and tells her three children to stay away from their father's presidency as they have brought it to ruin.