Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Another Day and the Same Matrix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Seth Rich murder is still being investigated, and the private investigator is pointing to a Wikileaks link, in Rich contacted them. In looking over the links in this Seth Rich, I came across a DC bar called THE WONDERLAND BALLROOM.

Seth Rich was at Lou’s City Bar in Columbia Heights on the night before he was murdered. Rich was a Green Bay Packers fan and a regular at the sports bar.
Once the bar closed at around 1:45 a.m. on July 10, the 27-year-old walked out of the bar to the sidewalk and started talking with the manager. The manager on duty who knew the DNC employee very well asked him if he wanted a ride home knowing that he had about a mile walk to his home. The manager said Rich declined the offer and decided to go to The Wonderland Ballroom located a couple blocks down the street. However, police cannot confirm that he was at that bar.
There were reports that Rich was highly intoxicated. But sources tell FOX 5 that those toxicology results are still not back. According to witnesses at Lou’s City Bar, they said he had a couple of drinks. Police sources believe that the two hours after he left the bar, the alcohol he consumed would have already worn down.
Rich’s walk home from Columbia Heights to his home in the Bloomingdale neighborhood would have roughly taken him 30 minutes. Rich was fatally shot as he was on the phone with his girlfriend at about 4:20 a.m. What happened from when he left Lou's City Bar or The Wonderland Ballroom to when he was gunned down remains unclear.

In a simple search, The Wonderland is sodomite connected, and this is where the drunk Seth Rich departed for.

The New Gay » The Wonderland Ballroom

The Wonderland Ballroom is launching a new monthly eccentric/alternative gay dance party called Pink Sock. You know when you accidentally throw in a red t-shirt into ...

Why the above matters, is first the media are aware of this connection, as are the DC police and the FBI, who both have the computer of Rich, and a source inside the police has told them the investigation has been shut down.
The second part matters most, as when inquiring on various events in  August 2016, the matrix was searched to see what was trending there, and this was published here exclusively.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Love is a many splendid Thing




4 males?

Knew them?

Not neighbors?

Waited for him?

Not democrats?

Not DNC?

Not hacker?

Not leaker?

In the above, the matrix indicated he knew his attackers and that they were homosexual.  None of that was ever made public and in fact it was not until August 18th before the Ballroom connection was reported by CBS local.
What the matrix pointed to was confirmed, and as I had absolutely no interest in this gay on whatever crime, I had not checked until almost a year later. Once again though the stories are drumming up the Wikileaks connection. I did not inquire on that specifically, as something else was pointed to, and that curiosity quenched, the subject moved on.

 I simply am impressed with the matrix in the information it speaks to in being correct, no matter what the media lies are published and this blog is damned as being wrong.