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Why Would the Obama, Clinton and Bush fam's Want a Nuclear Strike on America

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What if there was a group of political families, conglomerate oligarchs and bankers, who would have a vested interest, not only in a nuclear war for profit, but that it would be in their vested interest to actually plan under Barack Obama a coming scorched earth war, which Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were referencing in Reverse Speech from David John Oates work, and it would be in their actual interests to attempt to draw a first strike from America' enemies, from a decapitation strike to a national incineration, because there would not only be profit in it, but they would legally become the rulers of America.

The Washington Post was referencing what is known in this secret directive, signed by President Ronald Reagan and expanded upon by Bush and Obama executive orders, under the sedate name of PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSOR SUPPORT SYSTEM.

As you have probably not heard of it, most of Congress knows nothing of it, because it is classified in they are not allowed to read this top secret directive, nor is anyone else.

The basis of this is the idea that when America is decapitated in leadership, that it will not be the political leaders in Government that America will rescue, but that there is an entire host of FORMER political officers who are going to be whisked away to the Ruling Bunkers to direct the "person who will be President" with everyone in the Administration dead.

Considering that President Trump has surrounded himself with coup plotters, and traitors who he now detests, the way this would work out, is the deep state could literally save only the  people who hate Mr. Trump, and let everyone else die.

And who would then 'advise' the deep state choice? For those on the right, apparently James Clapper and Val-erie Jarrett will be rescued, and for those on the left, they would be pleased to know they have Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, waiting to help a traitor rule Americans, in a state of martial law.

Doomsday plans have always assumed that the president will die in the opening moments of an attack, so during the Reagan years, a secret program called the Presidential Successor Support System was designed to whisk former high-level officials, such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, from their private lives and install them as White House chiefs-of-staff-in-waiting. According to my research and interviews, the goal of the program was to ensure that a neophyte presidential successor — say, the agriculture secretary — would have an experienced staff already in place when he or she arrived at the bunker. Do such programs exist today? Might we, after a NUCFLASH alert, find someone like former chiefs of staff Andy Card or Denis McDonough waiting in a bunker for President Betsy DeVos or President Ben Carson?

What should be troubling to the rubber stamp Congress who loves Obama wars and Trump peace, the mission statement behind this, excludes the Congressional leaders from being included in the Succession. It will fall to someone not elected, but selected, and included in this, is a bizarre reference to a type of skeleton Congress which would rule for months.

The 25th Amendment, which deals with presidential succession — itself a product of the atomic age and the need to clarify command over the country’s nuclear arsenal — leaves unanswered some of the biggest questions. For one thing, there’s no process to deal with an incapacitated vice president, an oversight that led Vice President Cheney, with his long history of heart problems, to write a secret resignation letter that he gave to his staff in case a medical issue left him unable to function. The 25th Amendment also fails to clarify the very basic question of whether the speaker of the House and the Senate president pro tem are constitutionally allowed to step into the presidency — a position James Madison argued against.

As far as the skeleton Congress, could you image your wildest dreams in having John McCain, Paul Ryan, Maxine Waters and Dick Durban, giving carte blanche to whatever the globalist's picked to rule over the American Genocide.

Congress, too, has failed for decades to assure its own continuity and succession planning. Proposed legislation failed again and again in the years after 9/11, leaving it likely impotent for months in the face of a surprise attack, since it requires a quorum of its members to operate. One informed theory, hinted at by former officials in interviews, holds that the ECG procedures include a specific, defined role for a small, pre-selected set of congressional leaders — perhaps as small as the four party leaders of the two chambers — who would serve as a “rump” or “skeleton” Congress until a full legislature could be established months later.

The details of this secret overthrow of America is so precise that there are even lettered teams assigned to pluck up documents and future dictators from the nuclear plumes, to rule the corpses of America.

Americas die, their elected leaders die, but the cartel's choices to rule survive to rule the new gem of an irradiated America.

They’ve considered which critical documents should be saved before others (the Declaration of Independence first, the Constitution second) and precisely who and how many officials from each agency and department should be evacuated — literally creating “A” teams, “B” teams and “C” teams who would be plucked by helicopters from dozens of designated landing zones around Washington, such as the Pentagon and the athletic fields of American University, and whisked to mountain bunkers near the capital.

Presidential Successor Support System - Wikipedia

The Presidential Successor Support System (PSSS or PS-cubed) is part of the United States' Continuity of Government (COG) programs. Considered one of many "black ...

 In this, the final piece of the puzzle available is how this all originated in Dwight Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex being saved to rule and profit in America wasted by nuclear war. Yes it was business leaders who Eisenhower chose to rule America, literally in violation of the 50 Governors of the Sovereign States who have the authority to lead their People, and how this authority flows to the elected Sheriff of each county.
It is absolutely damning the concentration of power which is the first choice in this by the Military Industrial Complex of old and now the Socio Conglomerate Complex or the National Socialized State of the current era.

The Presidential Support System

The National Program Office was established in 1982, by National Security Decision Directive 55, Enduring National Leadership.
Prior presidential administrations had different ways of dealing with the problem of leadership decapitation. President Eisenhower designated ten captains of industry to take control of war-time organizations to help the country reconstitute itself. The existence of the Eisenhower Ten was accidentally found by the incoming John F. Kennedy administration in 1961

So that is the reality, the very coup plotters who hate Donald Trump in the #NeverTrumpers will be ruling America in succession of regime, and for those on the left who cheer, this means the Neocons will be sorting the leftists out too.

The reality is when nuclear decapitation takes place in America, it will be 4 stooges in Congress passing dicatorship bills, one rescued traitor as president signing draconian laws into full force of making the dictatorship legal and 10 oligarchs who own these political traitors.

It makes a great deal of sense how this lawlessness of the Intelligence Community with the political minders involved in his coup, are progressing nuclear options, because this is what the cartel desires as it is how the new world order seizes control of the world.

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