Sunday, May 28, 2017

Another Liberal Destroys A Franchise in Hollywood

Ich habe ein Meisterrennen in meiner Bucht

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sure we all hate Donald Trump, but now we know what a dumb ass Nig that Dwayne the Rock Johnson is by destroying Paramount's investment in a the redux Baywatch as the David Hasselhoff franchise of pro German and pro American audience was destroyed by Johnson's Obama redux in trash talking President Trump and acting like Johnson was going to be running for office in 2020.

Paramount now has a horrid marketing strategy, a dumb as a post Johnson destroying a franchise with political talk, and a Trump audience who BUILT Dwayne Johnson in fake wrestling who are out the door and never to return.
First it was Ben Affleck destroying Batman and now it is Dwayne Johnson destroying Baywatch.

'BAYWATCH' Beached: Rare Flop for Rock...

Nigs always have these dumb ass Nig movies like Action Jackson or Passenger Wesley Snipes which just suck ass in never having market share but the Afroids run around like baboons with bananas in  thinking how great their ape shit is.
Johnson was not bright enough to remember Roseanne Barr destroying herself with a crotch grab at a baseball game. When your audience is AMERICANS you do not be commie Jane Fonda sticking a Vietcong cannon between your legs in Vietnam and riding it. Jane got away with it, because her audience was fake like Meryl Streep in no one watches that shit, and it is Bruce Willis who pays for all that wasted film with his blockbusters which are pro American.

So good bye you dumb ass Nig Dwayne Johnson. You just destroyed your meal ticket, just cost Paramount 100 million dollars and just proved that America hates Donald Trump only so far, because they hate uppity dumb ass Obama Nigs more.

I mean seriously, hot women in naked attire, action and beaches, and Dwayne Johnson could not pull off what Elvis and Annette Funicello did with no talent.

I still love that Elvis movie where he is a racing boat guy and puts on his boat that super secret epoxy to make it hold that is good Monkees grade cinema.

David Hasselhoff the German American genius of the master race proven by the box office in he never shit on his audience in promoting a film.

Schwarzenegger und der Negroid für den Grafen

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