Monday, May 29, 2017

When Step Mummy Gets In the Way

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the ascension of the Marion worshipper, Melania Trump on the most successful Trump Tour of the Mideast and Europa, it should be noted that Ivanka Trump's grasp for power and prestige was upstaged. In understanding the forensic psychology of Mrs. Kushner in blowing up at Kellyanne Conway for defending her on Ivanka slave labor attire, this will couch in the bottle blondes heart and fester there.

So therefore it is logical to conclude as Ivanka is wed to the FBI's chief suspect in Jared Kushner in Russian collaboration as their headlines, even after Ivanka prostituted her little girl on handing out donuts to perverts on their street and the Secret Service, exposing the child to danger of Ivanka Image, it would be logical to conclude in this leaking and backstabbing West Wing Cabal at the White House, that when a set up takes place to embarrass the First Lady in public or a series of stories appear from the endless anonymous sources from the White House, that the originator will be the other woman, Ivanka Trump starting the whispering campaign to supplant the saintly step mum, so Ivanka can gloriously return to eye sex men like Justin Trudeau or appear as the Pater Pope's spiritual wife, the Popette.

The Kushners can not allow Mrs. Trump to supplant Ivanka. While Melania has value to deflect from the scandals brought on by Trump Brand, making Melania a bigger scandal to hide the Kushner Jew scandals would have benefit for the Kushners and competing White House coup plotters.

They should not have prostituted Melania for political gain to expose her to this, nor jumped the Catholic heresy as she is naive by not taking Protestants into account.

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