Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Donald Trump's One Ring Circus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am amused often enough in the exhaustion of putting information out there no one else will in the reach of this blog to the 6 figure trolls who one day are writing of Kim Jong Un as the tubby troll, and then the Lame Cherry points out the reality of Kim Jong Un and suddenly he is "shrewd".

In review of Kim Jong Un, he is quite brilliant. Bush43 underestimated him in trying to isolate him in the end of the Sunshine Policy with South Korea, and Obama tried to cyberwar and Boston bomb him to regime change, but in the end, Kim Jong Un replaced the greatest circus master on the planet in Donald Trump, making Mr. Trump appear a 1 ring circus and Kim Jong Un is running three rings around Trump.

Yes the Kushner media of CONservative Treehouse will wince at that and demand examples, but the example is, that with a few missiles, Kim Jong Un lured out twitter Trump to make North Korea the greatest story in the world, exactly as Kim Jong Un intended.

Kim Jong Un has now brought contention to Russia and America, as Donald Trump played into that fake intelligence hand. One more ball for Donald Trump to juggle.

Then appears Donald Trump's beautiful chocolate cake eater in dictator Xi who Donald Trump will rue the day, that Trump kept calling Xi a respected leader.
Yes the tyrant stealing South China Sea land and ocean from Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines, who is bulldozing Christian Churches is Donald Trump's best cake buddy.
In addition, Kim Jong Un with Peking, now has Donald Trump signed onto funding the Peking Super Power state of Eurasia in two continents, Donald Trump exposed as someone who will trade away allies and human rights in having no moral compass, and the United States the shemale state to the Peking diplomacy.
If one desires to throw in that South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Philippines no longer trust the United States as allies.......it is a reality that Kim has been  throwing 5 aces in this poker match and somehow Donald Trump got dealt by McCain, Bush, McMasters and Kushner a hand of 5 deuce of clubs.

As Peking has played Donald Trump as the fool, the reality is Kim Jong Un is ruling this court jester.

NKorea warns of nuclear test 'at any time'...

China preps for exodus?

Japan dispatches biggest warship since WWII -- to protect US supply...

Donald Trump lied to the world in saying he had an armada........no he had two carriers hidig in port, and one carrier not in the area. The US looks feckless in the Navy for it is,  as it brags about a Japan helo carrier guarding a supply ship........if America was so powerful, why not gaurd it's own ships........and that means America is hiding behind Japan. Not exactly the message to be sending about face saving and losing Asia.

For the reality, Kim Jong Un is safe. He  has more tunnels than a gopher and a huge military which loves him,  is loyal to him, because he makes  their life good.  Kim is the ringmaster in this. He can test his nuclear missiles and bombs, and with each test he makes American Donald Trump look more feckless.

If Donald Trump stupidly goes overt or covert, Kim Jong Un has a globe of reactions with which to make America bleed slowly.
Mine North Korea's harbors, and Kim can mine with sophisticated weapons Japanese harbors American's use to American ports in the 50 states.

Blow up Kim's things, and Kim can blow up American carriers with a hyper speed torpedo, mine or missile. The American defense system is only 95% successful. That means that Kim Jong Un can fire 100 missiles  at 50 million dollars to sink a several billion dollar American aircraft carrier, with nuclear reactors causing an environmental hazard, and the United States loses just like on 9 11.

North Korea is not Iraq nor Afghanistan, it is 1000 times more deadly. America will have to kill the majority of the North Korean population, as the majority of  South Korea's population is killed, and it is expected that after 35,000 American dead, and China's involvement with Russia seeing an opening and becoming aggressive in cooperating with a no fly zone, that Donald Trump has to flee home with his tail between his legs.
If nuclear terrorism is  not added to this mix following the President home.

See what started all of this, was Kim Jong Un brilliantly jerking the American's chains again. Kim as the Lame Cherry exclusive reported had hydrogen bombs. Kim wanting that peace treaty with America, and America ignoring him, started marketing his hydrogen bomb parts to other nations, which of course got America's attention, and brought about the exact result that Kim Jong Un desired, as did the Russians  and Chicoms.
Kim is the point man to tie up America for Russia  and China policy, Kim is safe, and on the world stage as one of the premier leaders, and all Donald Trump can do is hover around like a dark cloud on the horizon scaring the hell out of his base and allies.

Duterte hesitant on US visit, warm on China...

Kim  Jong Un, has his own agents in the United States, again because  Bush and Obama let them in, and Donald Trump in his DACA petting is keeping all of these terrorists in America,  and Trump actually is expanding the flow of legals for slave labor. There are in a conservative estimation, 5000 rabid Kim supporters in America, as 5000 rabid Chicoms for Peking, 5000 Muslim terrorists and 5000 Russians with full Speznat support.

Apparently HR McMaster does not realize that the forward landing in America for world war has already taken place, with the targets for assassination  and grid disruption already worked out, and all that is required is for some President to do something asstard.

This will become nasty as retrograde warfare comes home to America.

So in review, Kim Jong Un is winning. He manipulated Donald Trump into exactly the place Kim Jong Un wanted Donald Trump to be in. Allies do not trust America, and Donald Trump has told thee most treacherous tyrant on the plant in dictator Xi what the US has planned, and Mr. Trump has made a forever enemy of the Russian leadership, Russian military, Russian media and Russian people.

Pretty good for a tubby troll in a gopher hole in  Pyongyang. Kim Jong Un is winning and he will keep winning, because Kim is going to keep testing his munitions, which will goad Donald Trump to do something McMaster stupid or Donald Trump will look even more feckless to the world.
And the reality is when Donald Trump does something stupid, as he has told the Chicoms what he is doing, so Kim knows what Donald Trump will do, that Kim will retaliate perfectly, as he accomplished in  executing his treacherous brother the CIA was staging a coup  with.

Kim Jong Un would really like  an American carrier for his wall, but Kim has weighed the costs of this and the cost of escalation. Logic points to Kim Jong Un will make the Americans suffer and the Japanese bleed, to increase the political and diplomatic rifts in giving Donald Trump more problems to juggle as Russia and China become involved further degrading the US position.

America had a choice if she would have had any diplomats or political leadership to either use Christian missionaries to convert North Korea (Bush and the CIA decided to put spies in with the missionaries to destroy that trust) or to corrupt North Korea with porn, dollars and  opium, which in turn Bush and Obama kept the door closed on the Sunshine policy to accomplish that.
Again the cartel has been promoting all of this for war for profit and control, and that is where we are all now hostage too in Donald Trump's 1 ring circus in the 3 ring circus of Pyongyang, Moscow and China, running circles around Donald Trump with his McMaster one trick war pony.

Donald Trump has told the Chinese all his policy, has made a pepetual enemy of Russia and Kim Jong Un is leading Trump around by the reins, as Mr. Trump has bit and kicked every ally in the region in no one wants his tricks any more.

Parents of US college student held in NKorea plead for his release...

The Lame Cherry stated what policies needed to be embarked upon, but the disaster is set and it is intentional by the fake intelligence and the President leading from it.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as no one else will.