Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Donald's Chinaman Prepares For War


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I desire you to be China for a moment. No not the real China of Taiwan, but the Peking girls that Donald Trump eats chocolate cake with.

You have America before you. You have fought her twice and neutralized her twice by communist 5th column agents in the Truman and Johnson administrations.
Are you going to take on America in a frontal assault or are you going to repeat what worked previously in using a conduit, and allowing America to bleed politically at home with your 5th column media and globally with pictures of dead commie babies  and  flag draped coffins?

The Chinese have made three overt actions since the  beautiful chocolate cake episode at Mar Largo.

1. The test firing for combat their Aegis carrier destroyer missile destroyers.
2. The moving of 150,000 troops in a tank division to the North Korean Border.
3. The emergency call for Korean interpreters to the China Korean Border.

A Chinese town near the border with North Korea is "urgently" recruiting Korean-Chinese interpreters, stirring speculation that China is bracing for an emergency situation involving its nuclear-armed neighbor.

The Dandong administration also has ordered its officials to work rotating night shifts since April 25, according to South Korea's news agency Yonhap.

Donald Trump in beautiful chocolate cake diplomacy is confirmed to have informed an enemy of the United States in China, that America will strike North Korea, and that is what China is preparing for in a show of force to tell America, that China will kill every ship in the carrier task force if China becomes involved, that China will secure North Korea as ITS BUFFER against America with tank columns and China will allow a refugee surge in order to clear out the battlefields for direct combat against the Americans.

Those are the absolute signs from Peking.

Now you must understand the ramifications in this, in a steady stream of images will appear of naked refugees, dead babies and yes there are will be American dead and POW's, paraded before the public.

It will be Russia and China who will be the humanitarians caring for Trump's Korean victims, winning over world opinion. I fully expect for all of you to hear tirades on the United Nations floor against America, and measures introduced for America to be charged for feeding and caring for these war victims, along with having to pay to rebuild North Korea.

 .........and what will be the end situation as intended by China in all of this for America:

1. America humiliated and bankrupted completely, with no Asian allies.
2. America a pariah on the world stage.
3. America responsible for crippling war reparations.
4. China in complete control of North Korea.
5. China installing Kim Jong Chicom in charge.
6. China with North Korea as a Tibetan annexed state of Peking.

End result for Trump policy is a degraded reality  for America, with China in greater control and the next step will be Russia gaining control over their Alaska with China receiving that oil for her One Belt one Road supremacy of Eurasia.

The reality is Donald Trump in fake intelligence has been positioned in the worst possible end game by his own decisions. He has proven incapable of Inspired thought in finding a proper solution to fake intelligence and manipulation by his McMaster, Powell, Ivanka and Mattis inner group.

The United States People were conned by FDR, Truman and Johnson to fit war profit wars for the oligarch elites, with the end result is Hitlers world socialism was established by them to control the planet and with devastating results in Korea and Vietnam.
Donald Trump's policy will bring about a worse situation for America, in China will annex North Korea as a protectorate and await for the American self implosion to acquire the entire Korean peninsula.

Giving your chocolate cake enemy their best political outcome with their not having to move on anything, while you become responsible for the disaster as you incessantly praise the Peking girl for being well respected......
The same Xi bulldozing Christian Churches, threatening everyone in east Asia and a policy of colonization of 2 babies to families in a nation already with 700 million too many inhabitants.

Donald Trump has absolutely no advisors who are American centric, and Donald Trump has proven he has absolutely no vision nor sense in foreign policy when it comes to the best statesmen in this world in Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and Xi of China.


 PLA Assault Troops On North Korean Border

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