Friday, May 12, 2017

Jared Kusher and High Evil

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Again David John Oates of Reverse Speech, with the gifted Naomi of Canada, provided an insight to the thought processes taking place. In them we find President Trump is nervous and that he signaled George Soros on American tax policy.
In this one, Pompeo of CIA references Simmon, the code name for Gulf War. Mattis of Defense speaks of sweeping the sand niggers away in war.

Red Tillerson states that the Russians are wise to what America is up to and there will be war.

What is most telling in this are the Julian Assange reversals in all he knows and is not revealing. Assange references Simmon again, and states in a reversal on terrorism and America, that Assange knows how serious it is and is lying about it. He points to Saddam will see the missile. There are clues in this which keep pointing to a military operation in Iraq.

The final reversal was the one on Jared Kusher. He defines himself as evil, and in Hebrew religious terms a High Evil, as in the High or Holy Days or Sabbaths. He is an evil set apart by his own understanding. This person knows what he is behind his religious facade.

In all of this, there are hints that a false flag major event will be acted against the United States, as a precursor as in  9 11 for America to unleash missiles in the Mideast. If the Russians figure out this is a ruse, there will be war with Russia as they are being conned now.
Logic dictates that what is being initiated is not going to be small in the way Julian Assange is referencing it, and the missiles are not going to be conventional.

The hints are very important in this and will not be expanded upon here as I am not about to become popular again and have people show up here as all this blog is reporting is what David John Oates is reporting what the people in the news are saying in reverse speech.

Donald Trump

FBI not prosecuting Hillary - I paid up

Brain power - Hal I'm nervous

German blood, great stuff - And I have money

Complexity of the tax code - And I did signal Soros

I have confidence in Comey - This little Fuck

Newt Gingrich

Kim Jong Un - They'll give them silver 

Seoul and North Korea - Let's reverse the fetish

If North Korea goes crazy - Read our Talmud 

On Syria - It's evil

Ground troops in Syria - All fell Saddam

Lou Dobbs

That strong neocon - There's a sell out I see they're ready

Thank you New Gingrich - Abortion Oh God

Jared Kushner

Coming days - I'm evil, High evil (High Days are Hebrew Holy Days, set apart. Kusher is an evil set apart as he defines himself. The opposite of Godly Goodness. Kushner says in effect he is the anti Holy.)

Secretary Mad Dog Mattis

Assad planned chemical weapons we know it - Got to warn you, you want arrest

Assad regime - I'll sweep the dirt Arabs away (sand niggers)

Who planned attack in Syria - Warn them, I need you bad, lost it

CIA Pompeo

Secretary Clinton what difference does it make, Benghazi -  Forces it now, seen it

Benghazi emails - Get upset about Simmon, fed up

Wasn't about a Youtube video - We had batteries

Rand Paul

Firing of Comey - And I pay to set a mark on you.

No confidence in Comey - It is all full of shit

Asked all about the information - Get us a cyber net

Rex Tillerson

Talked to Russian Secretary - They're more careful this will be blood.

Ashley Judd

Nasty pussy - That's horrible

Why are tampons taxed - Terror rosey

Julian Assange 

Terrorism against United States - It's that serious I lie upon it

Interesting statement by Pompeo -  Need to shiksa, surface it

CIA created enormous hacker force - See groups all forgot Simmon

Pentagon war effort 24/7 -  Their psyops

Better position - Don't believe the shit

They should be applauded - You're a cry baby

Vault 7 CIA - Saddam will see the missile

Political relationship democrat with their base - They do a sacrament

Jeffrey Toobin

 Investigation of President - Get secret

They fire the people - I give up I deal the dope

White House Counsel -  In a state they off him

President has legal authority - They mean it