Friday, May 12, 2017

Trump's a loaded Gun

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I honestly like Donald Trump as a man, because he reminds me of me. I would hope that at age 70 I would have more balls and testosterone to run it to the red line like Mr. Trump does daily. What I mean to explain by this is, this past week Donald Trump deliberately set off a firestorm in firing James Comey. I do mean he deliberately did this, at this time, for the reasons the President perfectly understands for the effect it is generating.

The President did this on his own like a gunslinger walking out into the street filled with a gang, and he simply winged a shot at them and asked them if they wanted some.
Honestly, if you put Don jr. Eric, Ivanka, and every one of the people in the White House together, and magnified Steve Bannon a 1000 times, they still would not be the kind of man Donald Trump is.

I get Donald Trump when he acts like this. He is old west in "something to do" in the reason you start a bar fight or rob a bank.

From the outside looking in, this is Trump 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. This is the man I admire. This is a man who is laughing at the joke and we are all too slow. This is a Donald Trump who had played this out a dozen moves ahead........... a man with perfect comprehension of history. He fires James Comey and then let's his staff leak their thoughts not understanding the boss. Thoughts like the President sought counsel. Then the talking points erupted in Saturday Night Massacre and Nixonian  and Watergate from his coup plotters. All of which points to a collusion in they were prepared for this firing in they knew it, as none of this leaked as normal.
Meaning they were waiting to lynch Donald Trump, and everyone gets all worried again, except the President.

From the actions, I know Donald Trump knew what the hell was in Chuck Schumer's playbook. Maybe Schumer leaks to Trump. I know this, because Donald Trump doubled down the next day and who does he have in the White House, but Henry Kissinger who was Nixon's Sec. of State and the Russians, all having a huge laugh.
Donald Trump was trolling the press and his enemies into a frenzy and Lord God did they bite like hell on that Nixon thing.

If you need more proof of Donald Trump is in charge of all of this, the President then challenged the already fuming and furious James Comey about Comey leaking and trying to smear the President, and Mr. Trump used the word "tapes" in recordings of their conversations, which indeed there are as the NSA records everything. For those who do not remember Watergate, it was Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox exceeding his authority in going after Nixon tapes of conversations, which got Cox rightly fired, and now President Trump is linking this all up, because Maxine Waters in her lunatic left has been chanting impeachment for months.

By those facts, Donald Trump orchestrated and directed all of this for his purposes, and it worked perfectly.

We learned today besides that crook McCabe over at FBI filling in for Comey, that there is no furor at the FBI over Comey being sacked, because who popped out again, but the original criminal in James Clapper  going on camera with the hearsay about Comey worried about his image in dining with the President,  as if that is evidence or another lie from these coup plotters.


I know from watching the gophers popping out of holes, that Donald Trump has confirmation on Senators Warner, Wyden, McCain and Burr, are colluding in this, and McCabe hung them all out to dry in a Senate hearing.
Clapper shows up with NBC in tow, and this entire syndicate of criminals keeps being exposed in public.

What this appears to me as, is Donald Trump while not powerful enough at this point to indict this conspiracy, in time has all the evidence to indict and hang this group on  treason. Perhaps after 2018 elections cementing Trump's people into Congress, but I am certain that the major players are all coming foward, and Donald Trump pulled their strings to do it.

This is the President living it on the edge. It reminds me the trick my brother used to pull in his Mustang of pulling the emergency brake at highway speeds and spinning the wheel and in a second going the exact opposite direction. As I stated Donald Trump has more piss and vinegar than a 17 year old kid come out of the holler for the first time that year.

President Trump has not been served well by anyone in the White House. Word has it though that he dressed down that fake intelligence McMaster this week too, who has been Mr. Raetheon for Ivanka bombing countries for profit, as this warmonger has caused immense problems for this President and the American with Russian people.

I would that the President would in each of his decisions at least throw the Christians a bone as they will follow him anywhere, but when he jerks them hard on DACA and this other Ivanka chit, they lose heart as they have been lied to non stop from that horrid HW Bush using them.
I mean if you are going to keep that goddamn foreign trash in America, at least announce that you are going to put an immigrant tax on all these goddamn foreigners so it lowers American taxes, and goes into a fund helping families murdered by Mexicans and Muslims. As I said a blessed bone, because if it gets done or not, at least the Christians will think they have someone watching their back, and it will expose the amnesty A holes for what they are, in should not foreigners who want to come to America pay more for the privilege of entering the United States?

I just would that the President had someone whisper in every decision he makes the question, "Well Donald, how can we do this and fuck the left over and profit and advance your Christian supporters?"
That is the kind of feedback the President should have before the bills get signed or the statements made. Americans in order to heal, need President Donald Trump to screw the people over who have been screwing them over for years. That will do more for progressing Donald Trump, as Americans love a dirty damned fight, even the ones who sit in pews, and sometimes them most of all.

I dearly love this President, and want him to succeed. He is not being successful now in being let down by his advisers. He is in danger of being swept aside as a pariah as others write the history of him in prison, as Adolf Hitler actually noted if his enemies got to write his epitaph.

The President Trump who just masterfully is trolling the coup criminals, and has baited that holier than Moses, James Comey, is the Donald Trump from 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. I want that man, because I get a man like that living on the edge.
I want him to succeed for Melania's sake and Barron's sake, as they are good people, with their feet on Slavic ground in being solid people. They deserve a President Trump numbered with Washington, Jackson,  Davis, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan as the greatest of Presidents of these United States.

With that it is time to sing and it is one of my favorites in Republican Christian Alice Cooper, another great guy who lives it on the edge.

Alice Cooper - Love's A Loaded Gun - YouTube

Alice Cooper - Love's A Loaded Gun - РАЗБОР СОЛО - Тональность ( Gm ) Как играть на гитаре песню - Duration: 6 ...

President Trump trolls Comey

President Trump hooks Clapper

President Trump trolls Media 

President Trump nets big butt Muchelle

PS: I probably should not post this part, but Donald Trump has been playing that troll Robert Costa, and now Costa is repeating the conditioned responses from Donald Trump, which is feeding into Charlie Rose and all the Mockingbird media, as it is the story they all want to hear in Trump in chaos, hanging on every word they direct.
What the evidence above proves in the President running this operation, proves he has played these tards so far out, that they are playing themselves now all trying to be Bob Woodward.

PSII: Bob  Woodward was on parade too, but that old NIA asset is not being sucked in, but he has not figured it out yet what Donald Trump is up to.

PSIII, Some little guppy just figured out he got netted by the President, and the President probably has now fed information to the Republicans to inquire of the guppy next week, and the bait eater is now running for cover as he was about to either be exposed and humiliated or caught in another crime.

Late Breaking News! Despite early news of his acceptance to testify, Former FBI Director will not appear before Senate committee next week.(AP)