Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jeb Bush Grabs for Vice Presidency in Trump Coup

Mike Pence the Bush touchstone to the White House

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The cowardly and not too bright Jeb Bush was back with his owners, the hedge fund billionaires, and chose this time to be brave while President Trump was out of the United States, receiving world accolades for his leadership, as Jeb Bush decided to join the Peggy Noonan treachery to attack the President of the United States while he was on foreign soil.

I realize this is novel, as Bush and Noonan could not praise Obama enough, and Obama could not attack America enough of foreign soil, but it is what the coup plotters are all about in weakening America so their hedge funds will prosper in another war they create for the Murdochs and Bushs.



What a remarkable world we live in, in the Russians are telling the world the Truth about White House meetings and Jeb Bush is spreading the propaganda, as he puts his Mike Pence foot into the waters again, auditioning for Vice President after the Trump impeachment, as that is what this has been about since the 100 Days scheming of 2016 when the GOPliters tried to steal the Republican nomination from Americans and their candidate Donald Trump.

Former GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush suggested Friday that his predictions on the campaign trail that President Trump would bring "chaos" to the White House had been validated.
"When I ran for office, I said he is a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president," Bush said at the Skybridge Alternatives (SALT) hedge fund conference in Las Vegas, according to CNN.
"Unfortunately, so far chaos organizes the presidency right now," he added.

Do not give Jeb Bush the credit he is attempting to grasp at in being some prophet, because the fact is, Jeb Bush and his fam were teaming up with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama all through 2016 to destroy Donald Trump. When Jeb Bush is part of the coup plot again of Operation Chaos, it would be a bit more of a surprise if Jeb knew less than he normally does, as we remember his idiotic debate screeds which made absolutely no sense in his attacks upon Donald Trump.

For the criminal record though, we now have for Tribunal Courts the Jeb Bush confession, which will be most helpful for his conviction, and the Courts will look upon the call of Jeb Bush taunting Donald Trump to fire the leakers (who are all Bush family conduits) so those same Courts can hand out the absolute penalty for High Treason by Jeb Bush.

"I've never seen a White House as leaky as this one," he said. "People should be fired if they're disloyal to the president of the United States and leaking."

Do not forget that the Lame Cherry told you this was about Mike Pence being President. Do not forget that in this scheme Jeb Bush was to be named Vice President, and who pops up attacking the President on cue and claiming he is a stable politician but the conspirator Jeb Bush.

Mike Pence has sold his soul to Big Koch, Kushner leftists and Bush fam to unseat President Trump. The fact in this is no one in their right mind would want a Bush in the succession of that office, as from Kennedy, to Nixon to Reagan, bad things happen to Presidents when Bush fam is seeking to advance up the political food chain.

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