Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Quality of President Donald Trump

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All people have weaknesses and strengths. For example Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal is good  at being a keyboard whore and stabbing Americans in the back, as she took it upon herself to attack President Trump when he was conducting affairs of the state in righting the ills of the Clinton Bush and Obama regimes, while the President revealed his greatest strength in Donald Trump is a leader among leaders. 

This will be lost on all the #NeverTrumpers, the neocons and the coup plotters as they stir the cauldron on issues of First Lady Melania Trump did not cover her head as Mr. Trump complained Michelle Obama did not in meeting the Saud Royals, when the fact is Michelle Obama is so ghastly ugly she should wear a bag over her head or be housed with camels whom she resembles, compared to the divine, angelic nature of Mrs. Trump.
Then there was an issue of Obama bowing so low to the Saudi Royals that he looked like a primate of the forest, and Mr. Trump's detractors complaining that President Trump bowed slightly too, to receive a medal from the Saudi Nation. What was Mr. Trump supposed to do, have an aged Saudi King injure himself in trying to get the medal over the President's tall stature?

Even Roger Stone failed to understand the importance of the Saudi Royals, the keeper of all Islam, honoring the President of the United States who they honor and respect, sends a message to all the Sunni dominated Muslim world that President Trump is their honest broker.
As much as Jared Kushner in his Jewish mafia has brought ruin to the Trump Presidency, if this was Kushner's idea as Stone blames him, Jared Kushner did well on this instance.

Roger Stone was wrong, as President Trump had no American woman with her head covered, including the interpreter sitting between the President and King. That sends the message that American women are not chattel and rape stock as European females are offered up.

Donald Trump makes me want to celebrate, because America has a gem in this man, in he is a world leader, a leader among leaders. This is a man of the caliber of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Thee exact President for the world stage, and a man who will match the best the world has produced in Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, who have risen as leaders among the Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush many.

If one examines the photos, the Saudis are deferring to this Christian American out of respect and Arabian hospitality. There has not been this level of acceptance of Americans since the original King Faad dealt with Americans in World War I.

The Saudi's have been castigated and beaten up before and after 9 11. But what was their choice in survival in their actions? HW Bush blew up the Mideast over Kuwait and Saddam Hussein in an oil feud. Bill Clinton abandoned the Saudi's to fend for themselves against the Soviets and Islamocommunists. Their only bulwark against Iran and Russia was to fund a Pakistani nuclear bomb to counter Iran and Iraq, and to produce the Wahabbi to counter Khomeni extremism in Iran.
Bill Clinton used that muhajadeen by bringing it to Kosovo for his oil war, and created al Qaeda which attacked America by bin Laden.
In that Bush43 gave them no stability and Obama misused the Saud power in leaving them to fight Iran in Yemen.

In order to survive Saudi Arabia and Jordan joined with the Jewish state, and in the above photos one can witness the relief of Saudi Arabia that they finally have a Ronald Reagan who understands the complexities and is their ally again in the region with a policy they are supporting.

Leadership in foreign lands, that is what Donald Trump excels at, as foreigners recognize his capabilities on the world stage. This was noted here that Sec. Munchkin in meeting with economic and banking leaders won their respect several weeks ago in Trump American policy, and were praised by the Italians. America has been away from  the leadership role on the world stage for so long, that other leaders are recognizing Mr. Trump's ability. Donald Trump just does not show up like a grinning Obama and expect praise. Donald Trump leads and is accepted for that leadership.

The Trumps in the President and First Lady Melania, are thee best asset America now has. They will match the greatest leader the world has in President Vladimir Putin on the world stage where by instinct everyone comprehends who are the leaders. America was provided a great gift and the re establishment of American prominence in the world by the Trumps. They achieved this by their presence. Not by bombs, not by aircraft carriers, not by bribes of billions and trillions of dollars, but by their presence.

For those who forgot and those who were not there for President and First Lady Nancy Reagan, America has this quality back of real leadership which trumped President Gorbachev and every world leader. The Trumps have it more though in the presence of Ronald Reagan and glamour of Jackie Kennedy. If there is a way to rescue America and the world out of the abyss of global war which is coming, it is going to arise from the presence of Donald and Melania Trump as world leaders, and it will occur with these yapping traitors like Peggy Noonan doing the devil's bidding in seeking to make the world a nuclear firestorm hell, in their not understanding that President Donald Trump is not a Lyndon Johnson legislative guru and President Donald Trump is not a weak as water Barack Obama deceiving people into thinking they are not as heinous as they are.

President Donald Trump is a leader, and leaders have recognized his ability and are willing to be led by him. That is what has been revealed, Donald Trump has one preeminent quality, and that he is a leader on the world stage.

President Ronald Reagan with Saudi oil money, the good offices of John Paul II, German Lutherans, the abiding presence of Prime Minister Magaret Thatcher changed the world in liberating it, not with bombs or bribes, but the presence of a world leader. That is the Quality of President Donald Trump, and I celebrate a Saudi ally who recognizes that.