Sunday, May 14, 2017

Maestro Kim Jong Un

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

MI6 apparently is clueless to Kim Jong Un and that means the CIA is vacuous to Kim Jong Un, and that means that President Donald Trump is receiving bad intelligence......again from fake intelligence HR. McMaster is again reaching the President for incorrect analysis.

OK here is the headline on the 400 mile long ejaculation by Kim Jong Un into Donald Trump's naval womb of sea.


Kim Jong-un in 'state of paranoia' as latest North Korea missile lands MILES from Russia

Now the Mockingbird propaganda would have you believe Kim is scared and out of control and his missile almost hit Russia. That is incorrect.

The launch of this missile, landing 40 miles from Russia, means pinpoint accuracy and it means that with the bravado of Pentagon "shooting down missiles" in THAAD and other deployments, that Kim Jong Un shot an ICBM along the Russia border daring the Americans to do something stupid in shooting at a missile that the Russians would view as SHOOTING AT THEM, and if the missile is it, it deflects into hitting Russia, and if those American missiles miss........surprise they fly into Russian airspace and hit Russia, and the headline is American missiles strike Russia.

That is Kim Jong Un in control, a maestro of the situation, and tactically baiting America and at the same  time making America look feckless.

In review of the past weeks, the propaganda has been Kim has failed missiles, when he conducted a successful air burst, and now he has shown pinpoint control, enough for nuclear detonations.
Kim Jong Un has shown ability and patience to exploit the Pentagon envelopes. Kim Jong Un knows the American systems better than the advisers of Donald Trump.

Enough of the free analysis as popular girls are not paid six figure salaries to misled the President. America is a dozen steps behind Kim Jong Un for reason. He thinks like an American with Asian attitude. Is what happens when you educate Asians in Europe and expose them to American television, and have POW's providing the finishing touches.

The silver is going to be wasted in the bribe unless the President receives better advice, as so far McMaster has positioned the United States to firing missiles into Russia.

Not good.

Need Inspired Christian Counsel.