Friday, May 26, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Slave Master

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Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has joined other oligarchs into demanding that the government hand out free money to the masses in something called, universal basic income.

Most of you have not heard of this interesting money laundering scheme to get the masses to sell themselves into slavery while "competing" non cartel businesses will become Nationalized entities to serve this soul sucking monster.

Mark Zuckerberg joins Silicon Valley bigwigs in calling for government to give everybody free money

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just wrapped up his Harvard Commencement speech
  • Zuckerberg touched on America's economics, health care system and the need to "modernize democracy"
  • Zuckerberg also called for universal basic income, echoing other elite members of Silicon Valley

This all had purported roots in a Thomas Paine scheme of national socialism. Never mind that the best solution was what Americans from Benjamin Franklin to Thomas Hart Benton implemented in allowing Americans to enlist their greed for healthy competition, and their reward was they developed wilderness for their farms and were able to keep the 90% majority of their profits.

Thomas Paine, Agrarian Justice, deemed a payment of £15 to every man and woman on reaching the age of twenty-one, legal majority. "A one-time stipend of 15 pounds sterling would be paid to each citizen upon attaining age 21, to give them a start in life."
The small remainder of the money raised still un-used would be used for paying pensions to "the lame and blind".
For context, the average weekly wage of an agricultural labourer was around 9 shillings, which would mean an annual income of about £23

So a living wage was 23 pounds and Paine was paying people not to work and invalids 15 pounds to starve on, to be exploited by the Kushner and Obama slum lords.
The thing is the Soviet's tried that with free money and everyone had to work slave labor. The Chicoms tried this and cut organs out of people. The Obamacons did this with "community service" which was the resurrection of the plantation slave system.

Now Mark Zuckerberg is offering slave wages, and there will be strings attached, like your free money will come with a Facebook wifi hook up which funnels billions more into Mark Zuckerberg of the benefactors of this fine list of caring feudal few.

The United States and Canada

The Lame Cherry believes and advocates not for universal basic income, but DEMONICS which is Democratic Income which has the people decided what is best for themselves in wages. For example, my minimum payment is 100 billion dollars a year. With this I will make all of Mark Zuckeberg's neighbors happy by paying them 500 million dollars each for these homes, to surround Zuckerberg mountain, where I will then fence it all off to a big pig ranch with plumes of pig shit, to be raised by my imported green card Muslim terrorists who hate Jews and pigs, so I know my pig profits will be safe, as I plan on padding my 100 billion a year with the best pure pork products since Jimmy Dean makings and Boss Hogg consumptions.

If Mark Zuckerberg thinks he can decide how much we starve on while he sits with his NSA 50 billion in our money he stole from us, then should not the majority be able to vote themselves how much money they know they deserve for life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness?
Of course I am right, as each of you know what is best for each of you, certainly not Mark Zuckerberg.

Also should we not be able to taxation by our representation Mark Zuckerberg? Of course we should, and I say let's tax Mark Zuckerberg 150% of his stolen income, as he and the Mrs. Peking will be getting that super 15 pound a year each, and that is about 30,000 dollars and if the best friends of Zuckerberg in the Chicoms can harvest a few organs, why not have Mark and the Mrs. throw in 30,000 public toilets to polish spot clean with a toothbrush in payment for their wonderful salaries.

 Mark Zuckerberg is advocating a satanist system to destroy souls. The Bible has a complete solution in Thomas Jefferson land ownership and God given Jubilee Years to return property to those people who have lost it, in order to end the slave state and centralization of money and power.

Before you is the way of God and the way of Zuckerberg. The way of freedom and the way of slavery. The way of life and the way of death.

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