Friday, May 26, 2017

Why is Donald Trump not protecting Christians in Egypt

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly like Egyptians, as the father of America in Joseph had an Egyptian wife, so the Anglo Americans are kindred to the Egyptians and Syrians by blood. So I appreciate the closeness of the Presidents of  Egypt and America.

What I will not stand for is more goddamn talk while the Chirstocide is engaged in around the planet from Donald Trump's beautiful chocolate cake Chicoms of the Muslim vermin of Egypt.

You don't hear a word from the Kushner Jews raising hell about this, because it involves Christians. As one can understand from the headlines it is perpetual murder in Egypt of Christians by Muslims.

Egypt shooting: 26 shot on bus carrying Coptic Christians

At least 26 are dead and dozens more injured after masked gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians as they were on their way to prayers in Egypt, it has ...

But then the veil wearing Melania Trump, degraded all Christians and all women, by wearing that contemptible veil in kissing the ring of the false prophet of the anti Christ in that degenerate Muslimphile Pater Pope the pedophile. (Just listen to the David John Oates reversals on Pater Francis. This thing is a pervert and that is what Melania Trump gushed over as "his holiness".)


It is unfortunate that the President and his staff did exactly what the Lame Cherry cautioned against in prostituting his wife, as his last asset of public good, for in that American Christians witnessed Ivanka and Melania praising Muslim control over women in Saudi Arabia, and then the veil wearers bent over for the greatest apostasy of the black pater of the Vatican.

Rome created Islam to create an army to take Jerusalem from Jews. Apparently Donald Trump does not realize he is like Ahab with a house full of Jezebel's bringing their religion into the ruling circles and getting rid of God's chosen American Christians.

They made their unholy choice with the Whore of Babylon in this Vatican Vicar, and Christians are left to be slaughtered in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, as the Chicoms bulldoze Churches in China, and American Christians are facing genocide by the Pater Popes Muslim invasion blessed by Donald Trump and the Pater Pope's Jesuit Mexicans blessed by Donald Trump.

No Christians allowed in the Trump entourage, no Coptics, no Orthodox and no Lutherans. Just the apostates making genocide on the Protestant Christians.