Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mexican Oreo Control

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We purchased some Oreos, since they have gone Mexican production, and they seem to run a number of sales on them, and that is why we can afford them.

The thing is our experience with Mexican Oreos now makes a bit of sense. Sometimes it appears a few cookies are missing in each package. Sometimes the cookies are broken. Sometimes the cookies taste like something not Oreos and sometimes they look like mice have been vacationing on them or they look like goose shit road kill in being smeared all over the inside of the box.

They call this quality control, like what used to be a dollar package is now 5 dollars with 20 fewer cookies in the box. This is the new globalism of ridding the world of American quality for a 3rd world of peoples using their hands for toilet paper.......and it makes one wonder what is ending up in the cookies in Mexico when they look like this, and sell the cheap ones to Americans in scamming them and figuring the free coupons are enough of a tax deduction to make it all even out in the end.

That is my Oreo experience. I try not to think what they are double stuffed with, and think if this is the shit that is making it out of Mexico, then how bad is the shit they are throwing out for the pigs to eat.